Atheists & Pagans Mutual Goal

To stop Christian dogma and oppression and progress humanity on into evolution. I don’t understand why atheists here are so hostile to me?!

We don’t “progress on into” evolution. Evolution happens on its own, on its own time frame.

Stopping dogma of ‘any’ religion would be a nice outcome, but it’s more about getting humans to think critically and logically. When they can do that, you won’t need to stop religious dogma, people will abandon it from their own free choice, which is definitely better than doing it by force.

Lastly, paganism is a tiny improvement over more traditional religion. The problem is that, just like religions, it is based on belief with no evidence or data to back it up.
It’s like giving up a very dangerous drug and replacing it with a slightly less dangerous drug, rather than just giving up drugs all together.


Maybe because to us; your beliefs seem just as wacky as the Christian beliefs.

And the only reason your supernatural beliefs probably aren’t that dangerous; is because they aren’t that popular.

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It is not that I am hostile, I just reject your position.

I am an atheist, I do not follow any guidebook, I do not have a leader, I do not attend meetings. My goal(s) is life is to live in peace with my fellow human beings, although do admit that if I can sow the seeds of uncertainty in a theist, I will do so.

There are goals in evolution, no direction. Species either find a fit in their environment, or perish.

We never stop evolving, but there is no guarantee humanity will evolve into more intelligent and rational beings. We may eventually wind up as the citizens portrayed in “Idiocracy”.

It is not hostility so much as irritation with sweeping unfounded statements, assertions without foundation and claims that have no historical foundation.

We get those every single day from regular theists, so a woo merchant offering essentially the same tired old concepts repackaged into a dun colored, bracken wrapped, eco friendly, “pagan” parcel is not enlightening, it is just fucking annoying.


Edited because of an excessively cranky answer . Hard to believe I know, but there y’ go. :innocent:

I don’t believe that for a moment. Not least because I have repeatedly explained why your endless and unevidenced assertions are tedious and dishonest. You refuse to address all criticisms or objections to them, you yourself hold a superstitious belief, refusing to justify it, either by demonstrating sufficient objective evidence, or through rational argument. The very dogma you decry in other beliefs, has been espoused to champion your own.

The constant assertion that yours is harmless, and others pernicious, requires you give a detailed account of your beliefs, else it is meaningless, yet you have doggedly refused to do this.

Atheism is the lack or absence of belief in any deity or deities, you believe in a deity. Ipso fact you are not aligned with atheism or atheists in your contempt for the superstitions of others, any more than they are aligned with atheism if they espouse the same contempt for your beliefs.


But you don’t have any motivation whatsoever to ally with a common goal? To fight Abrahamic oppression?

You keep repeating yourself.

Over and over and over again.

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Is this any clearer? No? Perhaps because fucking repetition does nothing to improve the original idea.


Well atheists just be totally undiplomatic and snooty and fight your fight alone! Haha
You guys are so bent on total logic then face this logic - you guys are a very tiny minority. In all of human history, I can’t think of a single ATHEIST Society! (Correct me if a tiny tribe somewhere was). We pagans have a common goal to fight a very fascist religion. Paganism is the fastest growing religion in America (check it out - there’s more Wiccans than Presbyterians!). So be childish and undiplomatic and be ALONE…

To whom is that addressed?

For my answer read my post. Your denunviationnof other deities is not a common goal, it is a prejudice you hold in favour of your own belief in another deity.

I hold no such belief.

Oh, but you are a funny child.

Finally a glimpse of the truth, and your true character. However, since you admit we favour rational discourse, it’s rather idiotic to invoke a known logical fallacy here, called argumentum ad populum.

And why should anyone care what you think about atheism exactly? Even now you fail to grasp the simple fact that your superstious belief in a deity incurs an epistemological burden of proof. Atheism is not a claim, or belief, or an ideology, and the lack of a belief needs no evidence. Again you are implying a known logical fallacy called argumentum ad ignorantiam.

I couldn’t give a flying toss how one unevidenced superstition feels about another, as I find them equally vapid and worthless.

There is never a shortage of ignorant or superstious and gullible fools, I see nothing to brag about in belonging to that demographic.

Given the puerile nature of your outburst here, I think your ad hominem fallacy is doubly hilarious. As for being alone, I have always tried to think objectively for myself, you ought to try it. If you value diplomacy then I’d advise you to keep your superstitious beliefs to yourself, or at least only peddle them to equally gullible and superstitious people.



A simple Google search of “atheist societies” may offer insight on many other atheist societies.

I do not know if you are a troll, ignorant, or can’t see with your own eyes.

@Socialdarwin I have no animosity against you, but it is obvious why you attract criticism.

Why in the hell would we want to “stop” Christian dogma. Doing so would make us no better than them. Once we finished with the Christians we could go after the Pagans. Or how about this… Once you finish witht he Christians you can come after the atheists. No one here is about going after anyone. I hope our motives are a bit more mature than that. Nevertheless, once again you have confused Atheism with skepticism.

The only thing that makes an atheist an atheist is a lack of belief in God or gods. That is it, nothing more. There are no alterior motives. This covers an extremely wide range of beliefs and opinions. There may even be one or two atheists out there who want to “stamp out” religion. (A very dangerous avenue to travel. What do you think? Shall we start with the Jews? That’s what Hitler did.) *** Awwww Fuck! Did I just go there? Someone spank me! ***

You are singing to an empty room and the only sound you hear is your own echo. No one on the site has been hostile to you. Your fucking ideas are insane.

Moving on… You obviously have no understanding at all of the process of evolution. We are one of the species that has survived so far. Most of the living organisms that have ever existed are dead. Evolution does not give a shit about progress and we are on the verge of eliminating ourselves from existence. Evolution is NOT a linnier process from simple to complex. It is not a process from weak to strong. It is simply survival. Those animals with attributes that help them survive, survive. Those that don’t, go extinct. Progress is merely what we do and we may, in fact, progress ourselves right out of existence.

So why are we hostile?

  1. You don’t know what an atheist is and yet you keep insisting that you are aligning with us. YOU DO NOT GET ATHEISM.

  2. You are a Pagan Antithest, which makes you judgmental and irrational in all things you have posted on the forum.

  3. You keep saying the same bullshit over and over and over even though people have clearly explained themselves and their positions to you.

  4. Your posts are illogical, irrational, bigoted (using the current post as a model) and narrow minded.

*I think you will find, most of the atheists on the site are skeptics to some degree. As skeptics, they would like to see ‘beliefs’ comport with ‘reality.’ So when an assertion is made, most of them would like to take a look at the facts and evidence supporting the assertion prior to jumping on the band wagon and asserting belief. So when you pop your nose in here and begin asserting that Atheists and Pagans believe the same shit, you are going to get some flack. You just don’t know what you are talking about. Your assertions are inane.


If you think this forum represents all atheists in the whole world, you are quite mistaken. In fact, atheists are pretty individualistic, so gathering all of them under one organisation or on one forum would be like herding cats. You just cannot do it.

Then you haven’t really looked very hard. There are lots, and they are not particularly hard to find. Over on Wikipedia you can find a list of irreligious societies. Some of them identify explicitly as being atheistic, some as secular humanists, some as freethinkers, etc. Here, at this forum, the common demoninator is not believing in a god/deity. If you want to have a look at other atheist sites and forums, here is a list of some of them. I’m quite sure there are more. It took me a whopping 5 minutes to compile the links above.


Thanks… I know not all atheists are rude but plenty here are

I hear that claim about once a month; but with a more or less random religion thrown in there. So I hope you can understand why I don’t believe you.

According to Pew; that is false as well.

It seems you are making up your own fact to presumably promote your religion to non-believers; just like followers of the “Abraham” religions do.

By the way, I’ve decided to make a new religion. Yeah, it’s called…uh…flobbyism! So now there is one believer (me). When the second person joins, our memberships will double from 1 to 2 in about 1 second; surely making it the fastest growing religion (after all, it doubled in size in less than 1 second!).

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Your delicate sensibilities aside, I think it’s pretty fucking rude for you to lie constantly, and make endless false and unevidenced assertions. Then rudely move on, ignoring any and all responses that challenge your dishonesty.

You’re a theist, so as an atheist I have no more affinity with your unevidenced belief in a deity, than I do with all the others, and you can sulk about it all you want.

If @Socialdarwin is true to form, he will just roll past your objections to his lies, as if nothing has happened.