Atheists and abortion

It appears the pro abortionists all carry prayer hooks and t shirts saying jesus saves.
They also believe all atheists are democrats which isn’t true. Its a common belief democrats, including atheists are all Satanists and evil.

I know America is full of uneducated idiots by this stereotyping takes it to another level.

Who on here is pro life or pro birth.

Interestingly enough, I already replied to this post in another thread. Now that I think about it, I can reply to every one of your posts with the exact same words.

"That’s unfortunate you have made up your mind. Confusion is most often the first step to knowledge. I find my life has become one big “I don’t know.” The dicisions I make are tentative and subject to challenge. The more I look into things, the more questions I seem to have. It must be nice to have such a solid grip on everything. And I suppose, as long as you can keep telling people who are unimportant to you to “Fuck off.” you can hold onto that perception.

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Yet you are doing this very thing in this post.

:flushed::flushed::flushed:… Uhhhhhh… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:… Rather reminds me of this…


I dont believe i am wrong because the statistics are there. Most republicans are godbothere4s and do hate democrats. They consider all democrats as atheists and believe we are the root of all evil. Do you have a view on that.

Those people cannot be anything but low iq because we all know its not true. You must have encountered those idiots and several threads on here point to it.

So let’s not become all patriotic and teary eyed regarding this. Its a fact.

Again, my point is whats your view, being an atheist, towards abortion?

BTW. Everyone is ignorant to something. The majority are ignorant to just about everything and will never receive a fact in there lives. No one is educated until they know how much they don’t know. Only when they are exposed to facts, as I have suggested above, the first instance is to deny it but it is true nonetheless.

The same can be applied to your attitude towards godbotherers.

Hang around here and stop shouting so much you may learn about some of us. So much noise, so much anger.

@Bobthedog OK, I’ll bite … what is my position towards theists?

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For your information, Mr. Smartie Pants, I am ignorant ONLY of the things about which I have no knowledge. So THERE! :triumph:

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Do you really believe you have the capacity to educate me?

Really? Your comrade above has offered advice regarding learning. Perhaps he might like to expand his intellectual reservoir to you.

He offers advice like its being given away at walmart but I have yet to see anything educational. Perhaps you will benefit.

When the

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. It is a sad truth that no one can give you the capacity to learn. It’s something you are going to need to find on your own.

You remind me of the silly people who say things like, “Counseling doesn’t work.” If the Counselor is working, he or she does not know what the fuck their doing. The entire goal of counseling is to get the client to work. In most cases, the simple fact that they are taking time out of their day and paying money to a stranger is enough to facilitate change. Even bad counselors have some success. ERGO: Even if you don’t learn a damn thing, the experience itself may be the seed of change and someday you may manage to grow out of that juvenile ignorant rut you have planted yourself in.


There you go again. You still believe you are some intellectual mountain and spray your knowledge on us.
You can’t help your self. Who do you think you are?

I’ve formed an opinion and its good enough for for me. If you don’t like it, kiss my butt. You don’t intimidate me with your self assessed intellectual superiority. Settle down and have a valium. It won’t hurt if you don’t get tense.

I am not expecting to educate you. I asked a question you are evading. I will repeat my question:

what is my position towards theists?

This is not an attempt to educate you, but for others to learn whether you know what you are talking about.

what is my position towards theists?

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Why are you here exactly? You hate everyone here. I figured you would have found a community where you were happy. Someone says one thing and you go off like a Karen with the usual… " Dur duuurrrrrr duuuurrrrrr you stupid! go fuck yurself yew asshole! I’m smarter den yooouuuuu!! durrrrr durrrrrrrr!!!" :wink:


Hang the fuck on. I am the only one here who should be accused of “self assessed intellectual superiority”. Cog is just a crazy bastard that needs the shit slapped out of him.

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No worries. White has the slapping part covered. Has to slap pretty hard to get the shit past the rolling pin, but she packs a pretty good punch to be as small as she is. How else do you think Cog has become the sweet and gentle soul he is today?

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Trust me, he has tried many times. But I have a small bladder and many leaks. Always ends up with a mess of smart water all over the floor.


Ah, I am so relieved. Sort of like great bowel movement. The image of Cog being slapped is quite rewarding, I must say. Sometimes we all need a good slapping. And yes, I see your point as to his genteel nature.


Common errors in English usage: their, there, they’re


Why not just say “hang on”? What’s with the other shut?