Atheist Epistemology

Atheists, what is your rational method for knowing truth from fiction? And how do you know that is the right method?

Breakfast cereal boxes. If it is printed on a box of cereal, I know it is true.

Because the cereal boxes tell me they are [the] right method.


If the cereal has been contamited will that be stated in information on the box

And this is how we know God is right when He says atheists are unreasoning animals.

Welcome to Atheist Republic Viceregent.

I rely on the scientific method, which is built around discovering truths. Based on it’s record, it is the most consistent and reliable method. If you know of another method that is superior, please inform me, I always strive to learn the truth.

Science does not make pronouncements, it is built on multiple people checking the same data, and will be revised if new data reveals and confirms new information.

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The scientific method relies on non-empirical (and anti-atheist) assumptions about the universe. Given this your claim is self-refuting. In addition, it relies on your senses and reason, begging the question of how you know they are valid and that reason exists ( as it is non-material and cannot be proven to exist empirically, which means you reject the scientific method as your own epistemology. Finally, how do you know it works without using your senses and reason? To use you senses and reason to validate your senses and reason is irrational circular reasoning. My OP asked for a rational method.

Thanks for the welcome, BTW.

Oh, not again…lets cut to the chase and forget interminable word salad…to boil down your argument to pure sugar: We don’t know, cant rely on our senses, science is unreliable; therefore god?

Such as?

No, it is not circular reasoning, it is positive feedback. If I know from previous experience that a stove can be hot, and then I touch it, the result will be a burnt finger and pain.

My senses are the most reliable and consistent method for me to determine reality. They have served me very well my entire life.

If you are a pedestrian at a traffic intersection and while ready to cross, you see a large truck approaching at high speed. Will you trust your senses and reasoning and wait until the truck has passed?

Yes or no, please answer this one question.

And this is why atheists remain the immature children of the philosophy world: when you teach them basic stuff they dismiss it without reason. Thinking is hard, when atheists wants emotionally satisfying cliches.

How do you know your senses and reason are valid?

I used them and they worked.

How do you know they worked?

My senses and reason told me.

Circular reasoning.

And why you don’t like your interminable word salad dissected, gift wrapped and returned to sender? ? Awww, did it take away your “aha gotcha” moment?

Try something original.

What a shame this deluded narcissist does not understand that I find him to have nothing worthy of my consideration. And so he just trolls like a mindless sociopath.

You are very welcome good sir or madam. I am very aware that there is a very real person, very similar to me with a life, family, emotions, pride, and many other attributes on the other side of my monitor. We may engage in very heated disagreements, but I never forget you are a human being just like me, and make every attempt to treat you with the dignity and respect every person deserves.

I speak only for myself.

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Really. In Oz such sensitive information is found on the inside of the box, at the
bottom. We call this an epiphany.

Why one earth do you think I or anyone will answer thus just because you ask?

"immature children of the philosophy world " is fatuous ad hominem. Same with:

If you are so easily baited I can see you taking your ball and going home in a snit quite soon .

To reply to one claim:

The best book (essay really) I’ve read of the subject is “Why I am not a Christian” by Bertrand Russell. Now make a further fool of yourself by claiming Russell was philosophical child. (look him up)

My position: I am an agnostic atheist. That means to do not believe in God(s) due to a lack of empirical evidence .Unlike christian believers I do not claim to know. No matter how unlikely I think it may be, I concede I may be in error.

Religious belief is based on faith, not reason and not the facts presented. It is anti reason, anti science and anti intellectual .

John 20:29:" Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed."

Caveat; Your profile shows you are a theist, but doe snot show which flavour. I’ve assumed you are a christian because that’s the most common type of apologist we get here. Apologies if this not the case

All those words and not one in answer to my OP.

Consider why you’d think Jupiter, Thor, Vishnu, and Osirus are fiction and you’ll likely come across at least some of the same reasons atheist don’t believe in any gods. Also, if consider what you’d think of a person who calls you an unreasoning animal for not believing in Zeus, then you might have an idea of what atheist think of you.

Can you answer the OP? I could not care less about your mindless atheist cliches, which only tell me you are a mindless automaton.

Tell ya what, seeing as you so so fond of ad hominems, why don’t you follow one of YHWH’S putative admonitions; " Go forth and multiply" (or words to that effect) :innocent: