Atheism and Communism?

I have an old Sunn bass amp with Vega speakers. Great speakers…

Those Chevy Vegas made some tough looking drag cars.

Interesting, I’ve got a shitload of little blue pills I picked up from a guy in Vegas named Vega who must have been a veagan because he kept talking about eating cherries at some restaurant called the Coochie Punani. I remember the guys name because it’s printed on the pills. "Make you last a long time,’ he said. I’ve been taking one every morning for a month now. Not really sure if they are helping my longevity but my bedsheets are now as sticky as my keyboard.

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I seriously doubt that…

‘Publically owned’ huh? So that’s what the elite were called: ‘Publically’!

Anyway, most of the people who call atheists, ‘communists’ actually share many of the social attitudes of the Communist countries, which were actually quite conservative. No ‘gay liberation’ under Mao or Stalin, a strong emphasis on the family, fervent patriotism compulsory … those Communists wanted strong nations and knew how to get them, except for their economics … and the Chinese quickly wised up about that as soon as Mao died.

Don’t you wish for “the good old days” when women could be beaten on the street, men were men, and sheep were afraid?


Sorry, I’ve neglected my sarcastic duties here.

Hey man I can’t help it I come from a long line of vegan ancestors. We deserve equal rights just like you man! I want to eat at all your fine establishments! McDonalds and Burger King!

Oh wait, I can now?

……yea….never mind, I really don’t want to eat at your establishments after all. I mean Kitchen Nightmares was a show for a reason……:nauseated_face:

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Yeah…we all need your sarcasm. I have been sleepless and anxious from being neglected.
The contribution to the overall greater good of humanity has been sacrificed by your blatant disregard for the overall well-being of the sarcastically handicapped…selfish bastard…(mumbling to self and shuffling off…)


I dare you to eat the hot dog. Do it! :smiling_imp:

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Wouldn’t be my first wiener :shushing_face:

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With the possible exception of cattle ranchers and the like, what possible reason can someone have for disliking vegans? Why do so many people behave like this is all some huge zero-sum game where something you do bothers them so much?

Don’t get your feathers in a bunch, don’t you have a coyote strapped to a rocket to worry about?

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Honestly, I don’t think it’s the vegans.

People with severe food allergies have it much worse. A lot of fast food joints that claim to work with those people often end up killing them with peanut oil in their food by accident and then the entire restaurant gets sued. People working in the food industry don’t like that. They think “those” people should stay home and make their own food. I can understand from both sides. I wouldn’t want to be charged with manslaughter for serving someone something they weren’t supposed to have and I wouldn’t want to have severe food allergies and it not be taken into account when I eat out.

Dr. David Resnick, director of the Allergy and Immunology Division at New York Presbyterian Hospital, estimates that there are about 200 fatalities each year from food allergies , with the highest incidences of death among teenagers and patients of any age eating in restaurants.


As evidenced herein…there are those sarcastically handicapped individuals who are clearly in need of exposure to dripping sarcasm to facilitate their journey to self-fulfillment…

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You two should have a contest of Russian Slap Fighting. Winner takes all.



Well there are those therapeutic approaches as well…

:nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:… Ewwwww!.. Damn. Trying to make me puke? I don’t even like driving NEAR a McDonalds, much LESS eating there. And though I would choose Burger King over McDeath, I cannot remember the last time I stepped foot in one. Ugh… Makes my tummy do flip-flops just thinking about it. But if eating at one of those grease traps make you feel more equal, then don’t let me stand in your way. It’s your arteries, not mine.


Huh? Seriously? You actually have to ask that question? Geeeeez! It should be pretty damn obvious. It’s simply because they are VEGANS! Duh! What more reason does anybody need to dislike them? Seems pretty damn self-explanatory to me. Oh, wait… I bet you are one of those “Vegan Sympathizers”, aren’t you? Uh-huh, I know your type. Claim to “understand how they feel”, attend all the “Vegan Support” meetings, pretend to enjoy their vegan buffet dinner, help them with their protests at the meat packing companies. Then, as soon as the protest is over, you jump in your car and haul ass to the Outback Steakhouse two counties over, where you order and devour the biggest T-bone steak they have… (cooked bloody rare). You POSER!


That’s after we paint ourselves in animal patterns and free all the animals at the zoo first. As we ride a zebra buck naked through down town kicking in restaurant windows of places that serve meat. Then dump out all the deli counters into the street, wasting all that food so no one can enjoy it. That’s true veganism.


I wonder if food allergies, like peanut allergies, have become more common over the years? Back when I was in grade school a half century ago, peanut allergies were practically unheard of. I didn’t know anyone who had one, and peanut butter sandwiches were a common lunch item. Now each class seems to have one or more kids with a peanut allergy and schools have banned peanut butter sandwiches and anything else containing peanuts.