Atheism and Communism?

I was on another board and I was called a communist because I’m an Atheist.

Something about Marxism, The Black Book of Communism and Foxes Book of Martyrs was brought up. I don’t know a lot about Communism. I didn’t study much about it other than learning which countries have it as a government. But I found the assumption to be offensive.

I was just thinking…what in the fuck?

Lack of belief in the existence of gods = an ideology and movement advocating a society in which there is common ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange.


All Communists are atheists. All bears are mammals.
Therefore all atheists are Communists and all mammals are bears… I guess it makes sense to a certain kind of mind.

@MrDawn OK, between the two groups … atheists and theists, which one follows a dress code, give money to a central organization, act the same, and follow a dictated dogma?

Yea, if you are going to call theists or atheists communists, it is theists.

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Stalin was trained for the priesthood. Trotsky expressed admiration for the Jesuits.

But there is a kernal of truth in the linkage: both widespread atheism, and Marxism, are products of the Enlightenment, that great opening of the human mind, when people began to apply reason to the world around them.

Marxism arises from the attempt to analyze and understand history and social evolution: where our society came from – as opposed to just assuming it as an eternal given. Atheism comes from the same impulse, applied to the physical universe. It’s really a relatively minor characteristic of the scientific approach to understanding how everything works.

So Atheism and Marxism are distant cousins. Another cousin is the concept of the limited-government, democratic republic.

Hmmm… Let’s seeeee… :thinking:… I think for myself. I take full responsibility for my own actions. I refuse to bow to any man, woman, or organization, MUCH LESS to some imaginary Sky Dictator. I believe people should be allowed to worship as they choose, as long as they do not try to force their beliefs on me or others. I treat people with kindness and respect until given a reason not to, and I don’t give a fuck about their color, gender, or sexual preferences. I believe in being faithful to my wife, taking care of my family, and helping others when I am able. Soooo, hell… If that makes me a Commie Bastard, then somebody please fetch me a hammer and sickle.


IIRC, Marx viewed the question of whether or not gods exist as misguided and pointless since it’s just a distraction from concentrating on human welfare and development and agency; even considering the possibilities and probabilities of the query was a waste of attention that should be focused on the flourishing of individuals in community with one another.

So, one more strike against the “another board” detractors and their shoddy correlation.


Join the club, being vegan even makes you a communist. I’ve been asked a few times if I’m a California communist just because I don’t eat meat and don’t believe in god(s). Usually vegan is more communist than atheist around here though.


And all communists are bears…

Oh you mean besides the ones on your flag flying over your house?

What? No meat? You commie bastard. At the least it is…well it’s fuckin un-American…


I forgot patriotism is exclusive to hunting whitetail deer, lifted truck, ice cold beer drinking, Jesus lovin, country folk. Us suburbanites are an odd breed.


Whoa!.. Whoa-whoa-whoa!.. Hold up a sec… Did I read that correctly?.. You are a VEGAN?!? :dizzy_face: Oh-my-GOD! You mean I’ve been associating with a VEGAN this whole time? Shit! What the hell are all my friends gonna think about me now? I even told them you are a pretty cool guy! And you wait until NOW to let us know you are VEGAN?!? @David_Killens @Whitefire13 Dave! White! Isn’t there some sort of site rule making it mandatory for VEGANS to let us know about their affliction? If not, there should be! Can’t BELIEVE they actually allow VEGANS on here. Good GOD! I remember when this use to be a respectable site for godless heathens. Now I guess we allow ANYBODY up in here. A VEGAN, of all things… (shudder)… Uh, excuse me, but I feel the need for a shower… (running down hallway toward locker room)…


That one doesn’t count. It’s there only to advertise my woodwork skills and landscaping activities.

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Well, YEAH…you EV drivin, keewishey eatin, alphabet people lovin, mamby pamby god-hatin commie city fuckers are ruinin my country…maybe if you just got your hands wrapped around the cold steel of an old Remington, well then maybe, just maybe ther might be some hope for you…

LOL, You are a capitalist. Communism is an Economic system in which the wealth of the country is publicly owned. No private industy.

What’s wrong with living in Vegas?


The main thing that is wrong with Vincent Vega is that he is played by a high-profile Scientologist.


I think the Vega was a very cool aircraft. Amelia Earhart set two of her records in one.

And Wiley Post also used a Vega to set records.

If not record breaking, Vega is among the brightest stars, and it used to be the Northern Star some 14k years ago.

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