Ashamed to label myself an Atheist

I accept that my ideas are not liked. But I’ve never insulted anyone.

May I quote the forum’s guideline?

No, it appeared as though you yourself were feeling insulted. You are to expect disagreement to what you say.

Grow some fucking balls. You pop onto the site quoting one prominent atheist after another as if it actually matters to anyone on the site. Then drawing the WRONG conclusions from the items you quote, you proceed to make one inane assertion after another. You are acting like a DWEEB. You are not getting support because you are WRONG… “Stop your whining and get over it.”

He misquotes atheists, as if they support a belief in God, like he did with the late theoretical physicist Stephen Hawkins. And they accuse us of taking things out of context!

As being a normal part of discourse on this forum. It is nothing new here, or on any atheist forum.

I really think your example is inappropriate.
I would agree if the point of your reasoning was whether the sun is hot or cold. But knowing how hot the sun is has nothing to do with whether the sun exists or not. My reasoning is not about whether God, the Creator, the Supreme Lord, The Almighty, or whatever you want to call him would be tall or short, white or black, man or woman. My thoughts are that whatever divinity you are talking about, whether it is the God of Christians, Muslims or Jews, or whether you are talking about the multitude of gods that the ancient Greeks believed inhabited on Mount Olympus, this type of solution can only be explained with the persistence of the superstitions of civilizations which, however civilized they may have been defined, as in the case of the Athenian civilization, remained in any case at a primitive state of knowledge of the evolution of the universe.

Oh for fuck’s sake.

Quote away…it’s about time I learned those fucking shit rules.

One of them is a “tidy” rule. Keep it tidy… hahahahaha

Edited to add: to be clear “character” calls are allowed. Unlike hate speech. A person may be complimented (which they accept, no problem) BUT an unfavourable character call (Hahahaha - if it describes them they accept it and cry and whine).

HATE speech attacking race, sexual orientation, culture, gender etc. - no tolerance.

People are people. Some are dweebs. If you’re a dweeb, and you like it, what’s the problem? Hahahaha :laughing:. I’ve been called an angry bitch. Lol. I’m not angry :rage:

@Cognostic How good are you at reading these type of ramblings? I am getting too old for this.

I’m inclined to disagree, surely a metric for measuring data and characteristics are an essential step in validating the existence of anything?

That sounds like a subjectively relative state, wouldn’t you say?

Not at all. It was to hammer home the point that we don’t know everything. You don’t know everything, I don’t know everything, no one knows everything.

I agree, in fact I think most atheists here would acknowledge that we can’t even quantify how much we don’t know.


Each generation proclaims it is the peak of technology, only to have their egos deflalted when new technology makes it’s inevitable advances. How much have we discovered about medicine? How much remains to be discovered?


I suggest you research your posts.

As it turns out, Hindi and English have the same root language, going back about 6,500 years

"Linguists have traced the roots of English, Hindi, Greek and all Indo-European languages to a common ancestor tongue first spoken on the Russian steppes as much as 6,500 years ago.

New research from the University of California-Berkeley emerged after linguists analyzed reconstructed vocabulary, including words such as “I am,” “bear,” and “wood” from more than 150 living and dead languages, as well as archaeological data."

Linguists link English, Hindi to single ancestor language spoken 6,500 years ago | PBS NewsHour.

If you’re interested, perhaps have a look at the links between English and Sanskrit, they are closely related…

Seriously??? *(tone of sarcastic disbelief) Are you on the spectrum? “inappropriate?” And then you take the time to rebut and then explain your rebuttal of this this totally innocuous attempt at humor. You are autistic aren’t you? That would make total sense.

Brilliant. :rofl: (just typing to get to 20 characters)

I read a while ago, though I forget where, that one of the core tenets or principles of the scientific method is the admission of ignorance. It was a simple statement but rang true immediately, as scientific study only makes sense if we are ignorant.

What really struck home to me was the humility of that simple statement, that is in such stark contrast to how science and scientists are so often perceived and portrayed as arrogant or egotistical. Of course there are undoubtedly such people in all walks of life, but I seriously doubt this is true of the majority of scientists, and it is definitely not true of the method itself.

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Why typing to reach 20 characters?..
I do not know how to post less than the requested 20 characters.

It’s easy…

:grinning: :grinning: I am sure it is easy if you know how.