Ashamed to label myself an Atheist

It is, just type what you want, then add full stops until you reach 20 characters, the post will appear with only three full stops.

Ta dah…:sunglasses:

Thank you…

No probs…

No way…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Rules- there’s always one that finds a way around them! Hehehehehe :smiling_imp:

I’m pretty sure that any study begins with, “Set all assumptions aside.”

AWWWWWW! Fuck Me! What in the hell is a “Full Stop?” I suppose I could google it and not embarrass myself but admitting that I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about should give you all a chuckle.

Okay, I had to go look it up. A 'period?" So where are the periods? You erase them after you post?

Nope :-1:t2: do not suppress - accept.

Accept the being ness of the periods you type, then trust.


Do or do not…


Okay…Still not a complete sentence.

Lol… Didn’t work. First, it was not a complete sentence so it would not post. I made it a complete sentence and then tried to edit out the sentence and it would not post. So there it is. Adding ‘periods’ did nothing.


Here. How???

Maybe the NWO controllers are out to fix this! Don’t break rules!!!

Arrogance is common among individual academics in just about every discipline. At least such people tend to have earned their arrogance. So far I’ve never run across a religious believer of any stripe of whom that is true.

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That’s odd…

@Whitefire13 “Try not…do or do not……there is no try!” (Jedi Master Yoda)


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You ask me if it seems relative to me that the sun reaches certain temperatures, and if nuclear reactions taking place inside it transforming hydrogen into helium, are relative too?

How do we know that gravity exists, even though we naturally cannot see it with our eyes? Galileo Galilei demonstrated this by measuring its acceleration. It is called empiricism, and it foresees experience as the main source of knowledge.

Thanks for this interesting link you shared.
I had never gone so far back in the origin of modern languages. As I said, English no doubt derives from Latin in part, and from Saxon too.

The Saxon itself derives from the Proto-Germanic, and at this point it would be nice to understand the origins of the Proto-Germanic itself.