Are you morbid like me?

Are any of you a morbid old fuck like myself? Do you love Halloween, Satanism, the Occult, horror literature and movies, cemeteries, darkness, candle light, black/death metal music, cats, morbid or heretical artwork and images, black/death metal concert shirts, or anything else death, evil, or heretical that I may have forgotten?
Or how about sitting in the dark outside and just looking at the moon listening to my favorite music?
I’ve come to realize that the things that most people dislike or distance themselves from are the things that interest me the most. The subject of death and dying makes almost everyone else uncomfortable. Not me.
Most people do not like horror or violent movies or literature, I love it.
Black or Death metal music always puts a smile on my face. So does watching an old classic or modern horror movie every night after my wife goes to bed. Or watching a concert on TV with the headphones cranked up all the way.
I have a small library of horror/occult/Halloween books that I’ve had since high school. My favorite authors are Poe, HP Lovecraft, Brian Lumley, Charles L Grant, and Clive Barker.
Do you love to watch American Horror Story, Stranger Things, the Witcher, etc?
I’ve always loved anything dark, evil, strange, or scary since I was 4 years old, I can remember back that far. When my mom took me to the barber, I always looked at the"Famous Monsters of Filmland" magazines.
I love any/everything that would piss-off any theists, family or strangers, it doesn’t matter. I’m supposed to be doing things that make me feel good or give me pleasure according to my doctor and my mental health counselor, and I haven’t been doing that for a long time. I don’t know why, but I’ve starting doing these things now, and I can honestly say that I feel happier than I have in a long time.
My wife’s nickname for me has been Mr. Macabre for over 40 years, and the name fits. I’m different from most “normal” people, I’m a morbid old geezer now, but I have zero plans to change anything. I’m the black sheep of my family, and I fucking love it.

I did as a child. I loved all the horror movies and monsters. As an adult, I no longer believe in any of the stuff and regard most of it as superstitious bullshit meant to manipulate and control ignorant people. (Not much different than religion.)

With that said, Halloween is still one of my favorite holidays. It is ‘Fantasy Unleashed.’ It’s not just about the morbid shit but about complete freedom and creativity. I don’t find the monster shit threatening or scary as much as imaginative and interesting. The fact that people freak out about it or even call it evil is their fucking problem.


Fuck, maybe it is just me. That’s okay. Wait, I did forget something on my list of things that make me happy, going to a show in Seattle. It’s my way of going to “church”.

Yes, I’m just not old. We have a taxidermy crow that sits inside our front door. Have a full eight point whitetail deer skull above our stove. Skulls, pentagrams, taxidermy bugs, all kinds of morbid shit around our house. My favorite shade of black is black, and I’m always going to listen to metal until I die.

My favorite thing right now is instead of yelling “Kobe!” when I throw out a piece of trash like a free throw from the foul line I yell “Dead Guy!”

I’m down with morbid.


Why do I have this as an earworm now?

I also love candle light when electricity shuts down.

I’m very attached to some of these ideas but I’d not call myself “morbid”. but metal concerts no longer interest me, Hawkwind was a favorite band of mine though.

Try this:

Add M. R. James to your list and look for audio versions of his stories on Youtube, particularly if read by Edward E French.

Well good horror will disturb atheist and theist alike.

What is the most terrifying film you’ve seen, I bet you I can beat it…

When I was a kid, the only movie that had any affect on me was The Exorcist, but I was only 14 when it came out. Now I can watch anything and still sleep at night.

I watched the atheist and slept like a baby. Probably 18 or 19 at the time and was just in the phase of realizing all horror movies were absolute shit. I rarely watch them these days. The ones I try watching can not hold my attention. My preference is psychological thrillers and science fiction.

But that is not what this is about. I went to see the exorcist with a roommate. At some point after the movie, we went home, and went to our beds. At some point in the night, 2 or 3 am, I hear my roommate talking. He is speaking in fairly conversational tones, but a bit loud. I listen for a bit but can’t make out any of the words. I just assumed he had a friend drop by and was now doing a bit of entertaining. I did not go out of my room to see what was going on. I just went back to sleep.

At some point later, I heard a loud voice and the slam of the front door. “Now, what in the fuck was that?” was my first thought. I went outside my room to check on things. The house was empty, but for a blanket on the floor by my friend’s beach cruiser (a popular bike). I checked outside, and it was a calm, star-filled night, with an easy, warm, Santa Ana breeze. It was a nice night for a walk. (Or should I say morning?)

A bit later, the door slammed again. And then the door to my roommate’s room slammed. "What in the fuck is up with all the door slamming at three o’clock in the morning?’ I thought. I poked my head out of my room, but all was quiet. I assumed my friend had been in some sort of argument.

The next morning I got up and over morning coffee, (Yeah, my coffee drinking habit began at an early age.) I asked him, “What in the hell was going on last night?” He looked at me with a quizzical gaze before responding, “What do you mean?”

I went over the events of the evening and his eyes widened in memory. This is what he eventually relayed.

“I was sitting on the living room floor talking to Linda Blair. She was where my bike was. We were having a conversation, and she was spinning her head and talking creepy. Then, I had to go for a walk. I walked down to the Balboa Ferry. I remember looking out over the water and watching the Ferry come and go. I got cold, so I came back home (I should mention that he was only wearing a bathing suit. As was common in my teen years, we rarely wore anything but a bathing suit.) When I came home, she was gone, so I went to bed.”

So, my roommate had stayed awake the whole night talking with Linda Blare. Afterward, he sleepwalked for three blocks to watch the ferry going back and forth between the peninsula and Balboa Island. That was his response to watching the Exorcist.

There are some excellent psychological horror films, one of the best ever (according to Halliwell’s film guide - if that still exists) is Night of the Demon a British post war film with a reputable French director.

In the US it was released as Curse of the Demon and was the same but had like 15 minutes here and there cut out, for no obvious reason either than to just make it shorter.

The film is based on the M. R. James story Casting the Runes, an adaptation of the story. In essence it is about a skeptical psychiatrist who visits the UK from the US to speak at a seminar on the occult and plans to expose a so called “witch” who he intends to expose as a fake.


It is a superb film, the rational scientifically educated psychiatrist takes no prisoners and proceeds with his agenda even after his colleague has been mysteriously killed. But he starts to get unsettled, things happen that are hard to explain, the tension mounts, but odd things keep happening.

Here’s the trailer (for the US version)

The monster was never intended by the director, some bigwig insisted though. The director was eager to avoid explicit monsters preferring the viewer to share the protagonists plight of never quite seeing or knowing what was going on. But the monster is brief a couple of scenes and in no way distracts from the superb story.

As a Brit now living in the US I will say that the US is generally poor at horror, far too much reliance on gore and blood and so on.

Do you like Twilight Zone? arguably amongst the best science fiction ever put on screen.

LOL, I took one look at the "Theatrical Trailer,’ and just started laughing. I know for a fact I would not be able to sit through the movie. (BUT) Here goes. I will push the play button anyway.

OMG - Ha ha ha ha ha ha … Stonehenge and that voice… "It has been written (dramatic pause) since the beginning of time… LOL. Nice puppet show… I grew up on this silliness. Wolfman, The Frankinstein monster, Invisible man, Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Blob, Tingler, The Thing, and more., My favorite shows growing up were Seymore, Moona Lisa, Chiller, Twilight Zone, One Step Beyond, and so many more. They have all gone the way of the bible. I don’t believe in spirits, mystical shit, souls, curses, magic, or anything supernatural. The real monster may be the person sitting next to you at the bar. And if that monster were to begin telling you his story, you would vomit where you stand. There are real monsters in the world, and they have nothing to do with anything supernatural. As for evil… It’s a bit like God… Just an excuse to blame things on and avoid taking personal responsibility for choices.

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Sorry, I know it’s only a film, I was just trying to make conversation. But since you’ve started let’s continue, so you’re uninterested in anything that might smack of supernatural or ghosts and demons, these are too fantastical and have no basis in reality.

But you’ll enjoy movies that violate laws of nature like flying faster than light or meeting extra terrestrial aliens or travelling back in time and so on, things which have no more basis in reality than demons, funny that, bit of a puzzler.

Do you know how to read? Are you fucking stupid in every conversation you have on every topic you address? Go back, read what I wrote again, and show me the fucking quote where I said I was uninterested in anything that might smack of the supernatural. Do you think you sound smart by constantly misquoting people? Can your brain comprehend the difference between believing something to be real, and having an interest in a topic? Is this the way you ‘converse’ with people?

Do you think you scored a point by asserting I enjoy stories about flying faster than light? Are you really that ignorant? Your equivocation and obfuscation know no limits, do they? The fact that you are puzzled by anything comes as no great surprise to me.

Perhaps, if you learned to read, you would not be so perplexed, bewildered, or confused and your life would have far fewer ‘puzzles’ in it.


You’d never speak that way to my face, you’re a coward, hiding behind a keyboard, throwing abuse and insults out where nobody can see you. If you spoke that way to anyone at work you’d be fired, it’s inappropriate, uncivil, rude the hallmark of someone who can’t hold his temper.

You like abusing people, can’t do it in real life else you’d get a slapping or lose your job or worse. So you come here and join in the bullying of theists, those nasty people who don’t agree with you.

The Omen is still scary, just goes to show one doesn’t have to believe what you’re seeing is real for it to trigger fear. Billie Whitelaw’s face when she is about to murder Lee Remick sends a shiver down my spine to this day, and the music is awesome.

1:17 in, enjoy…

:+1: I agree, I think its a better overall movie than the exorcist too.

Definitely better than the exorcist, better writing and the music makes it. Still can’t believe they filmed a remake and cast Mia Farrow as Mrs Baylock, what were they thinking.

I do not watch “scary movies.” I hate them. I do not like feeling scared. It’s been that way for me since I was very wee…when there were actual, very horrible boogeymen in my life.

Wrong banana breath. I insult liars. **** Go back, read what I wrote again, and show me the fucking quote where I said I was uninterested in anything that might smack of the supernatural. Your intentional obfuscation of information to gain some sort of upper hand in a discussion has failed once again. You would not know how to have an actual conversation if you were paid to do so. You are a liar. You misquote people intentionally, stretch facts to meet your own warped agenda, and are so dogmatically blind, I imagine you will spend the rest of your life being puzzled. How do you even find your keyboard?

Or you could just stop misquoting people. Do you even know how to do that? Is your mind so warped that you actually hear the shit you write? "Where did I say I was uninterested in the supernatural? Waiting…

And why is this guy tracking me down in a totally unrelated thread to comment on my choice of movies? Isn’t something just a bit odd here?