Are the limits to human knowledge

Are there just some things we can’t know? Like how many licks does it take to get to the centre of a tootsy pop? Maybe there’s just no way to know!

Is it possible to prove (logically) that there are just some things we can’t know - and I don’t mean “how many stars are in the sky?” Kind of junk.

I mean, like, is there any feeling better than eating chocolate cake? Or what does it feel like to be a cuddle fish? Or how does a cuttle fish change its colours.

Are there limits to our comprehension of the universe. If other dimensions exist, is it possible that the human brain simply won’t be able to ever know them. And is that “limit” to human knowledge demonstrable.

In mathematical logic, Russell’s paradox is a set-theoretic paradox published by the British philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell in 1901. Russell’s paradox shows that every set theory that contains an unrestricted comprehension principle leads to contradictions.

Maybe … ?

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No, fuck no. We can know everything and anything. There are absolutely no limits to our abilities! What do you think?
Aw! Fuck! I below some bananas out my nose while I wrote that. (Not pieces of banana … Whole fucking bananas!)


Yes, there are things we can’t know, in a specific moment.

For example, we can’t know the exact size of the universe right at this very moment.

But, we can potentially know in the future.

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Given our species has a finite existence, it seems a likely inference don’t you think?


Can we know this for sure?

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Yes. But I want proof!

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I think you mean objective evidence, now what did you want it for?


Ducks have feathers to cover their butt quacks. (20 minimum character)

“Like all stars, our Sun will eventually run out of energy. When it starts to die, the Sun will expand into a red giant star, becoming so large that it will engulf Mercury and Venus, and possibly Earth as well. Scientists predict the Sun is a little less than halfway through its lifetime and will last another 5 billion years or so before it becomes a white dwarf.”


This is assuming we don’t destroy the earth’s ecosystem to the point it becomes uninhabitable for us, or evolve into something else. This seems less likely, since “the three components required for evolution to occur - variation, natural selection and geographic isolation - have more or less disappeared from the equation.”


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But what if we travel the stars man… like, dude we could totally become 4th dimensional beings, cmon man, smoke a bowl and realise bro…

Truth is that which comports with reality. To pretend otherwise is to fail to live whole and complete in this reality. Even if you happen to be a brain in a vat, this is the reality you currently experience. To pretend otherwise is the delusion.


We can stop here. Possibility must be demonstrated prior to being considered seriously. Otherwise, we are merely playing mind games. There is no real reason to go down this path.


I don’t wish to converse with you until you can demonstrate you can admit when you are wrong about something.

I was dealing with the objective evidence, that is speculation.

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And yet another shifting of the goalposts.

‘Because vegans avoid all animal-derived products’

This is not the case, it comes down to practicality, which I have stated multiple times, and you have refused to address.


It is irrelevant anyway, as my position is that of Vegetarianism.

You have also avoided addressing/correcting the strawmen.

Back to the grey rock with you, and this time it isn’t coming off until you start playing honestly.

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Though I had a poached egg for lunch, so this will be a tasty overkill.

Edit: It was very tasty, in case anyone cares… :innocent:

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I know, I know, or do we?

In all seriousness, who knows what the future can hold, it gets to a certain point when it all becomes speculation, would you agree?

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