Anyone know what "Different Kinds of Disbelief" is referencing?

I’ve looked for it and all I find is references to political, social, bla bla lba… nothing to do with the concept of disbelief itself. The assertion “There are many kinds of disbelief,” had me looking. I don’t see it and can’t find it categorized anyplace.

Personally, I don’t believe in disbelief. To believe there are no beliefs is a belief I find hard to believe. If somebody can disprove a disbelief that somebody believes, then MAYBE I won’t become a non-believer in disbeliefs.


LOL - I found a religious source – figures

Guess I’ll respond to my own question. Something that looks '“Islamic.”

  1. Kufr ul-'Inad : Disbelief out of stubbornness. (They spelled stubbornness wrong on the site. ) You know the truth in your mind but profess disbelief -

Does that count as disbelief? Or just being a hypycrite?

  1. Kufr ul-Inkar : Disbelief out of denial. "They recognize the favors of Allah, yet they deny them. HUH? Oxymoron in my book. Yep, Allah did it but I deny he did it? Pure bullshit.

  2. Kufr ul-Kibr : Disbelief out of arrogance and pride. Um… Sorry… You either believe something or you do not. Can anyone figure out how pride or arrogance would interfere with belief or how this would be different from #1.

  3. Kufr ul-Juhud : Disbelief out of rejection. someone who acknowledges the truth in his heart, but rejects it with his tongue. (acknowledges was spelled wrong in this one)
    I don’t see the difference between this and #1.)

  4. Kufr ul-Nifaq : Disbelief out of hypocrisy. Sounds like the same as all the rest to me. This applies to someone who pretends to be a believer but conceals his disbelief.
    Just like all the other hypocrites listed above.

  5. OH FUCK (I DON"T CARE) 1. Kufr ul-Istihal: Disbelief out of trying to make haram into halal. This applies to someone who accepts as lawful (halal) that which Allah has made unlawful (haram) like alcohol or adultery. Only Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, has the prerogative to make things halal and haram and those who seek to interfere with His right are like rivals to Him and therefore fall outside the boundries of faith.

  6. Now we are just getting stupid. Kufr ul-Kurh : Disbelief out of detesting any of Allah’s Commands.

  7. Kufr ul-Istihzaha : Disbelief due to mockery and derision. Allah, that ignorant sand-dwelling rapist.

  8. Kufr ul-I’radh : Disbelief due to avoidance. This applies to those who turn away and avoid the truth. Allah and his ignorant sand-dwelling lifestyle.

  9. Kufr ul-Istibdal : Disbelief because of trying to substitute Allah’s Laws

Apologies to everyone. I thought this would be a lot more interesting. It was one of the questions asked by ‘Old Man’ and I had not heard it before. I thought it might be an interesting apologetic and not the pike of trash it turned out to be.

Someone has no fucking idea at all what disbelief is.

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It was? Was it after one too many Shiraz? Do you have a link to my query?

… he said in disbelief. :joy:

Kufr ul-Shiraz - disbelief caused by being inebriated at the time of voicing one’s opinions. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well, frankly, I could easily disprove your own disbelief which you believe , but it would require me to confirm my own disbelief in a non-belief system of believery. Additionally, it would require the admission and confirmation of so-called “hidden cameras” which may or may not reveal spontaneous unsolicited comments you may or may not have made, referencing your adamant stance confirming your own denial of your disbelief, evidenced, in advance, by your now current belief in the apparently non-existent disbelief in believing in the belief of disbelief. It is my fervent hope that my comments have served to clear up any ambiguities or multiplicities which might not have arisen as a result of my own lack of acumen regarding the disbelief inherent in the very notion of belief itself.

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Sadly, I often fell victim to that particular disbelief back in my younger years.

Hahahah…yeah, by definition Yesterday was your younger years, so there’s that.

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As much as I would love to disbelieve you, I believe your own disbelief in my believing to disbelieve disbeliefs could be believed as being considered repetitively redundant by those who disbelieve in beliefs. I do believe I have made myself abundantly lacking in regards to vaguely specifying any coinciding contradictions. And I believe you know what I don’t believe when I say your opinionated disbeliefs concerning my lack of disbelief are most welcomed in an unsolicited manner.

(I believe this was edited because I believed it should be.)

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Well, if that’s what you believe, then I believe that what you believe may or may not be a belief I personally believe or disbelieve.


Well at the risk of waxing pedantic, I never actually said that I believed anything, but rather stated the widely universally accepted definitional framework predominately applicable herein, as it may or may not apply to “yesterday”.
Since I refuse to allow myself to become convinced of that which I do not already have insurmountable motivation for which to do so, I therefore cannot engage belief as a resultant consequence of my non-belief. It is with inconclusive certitude that I disinterestedly express my enthusiastic appreciation for your congenial lack of allegiance to a non-committal ambiguity regarding the necessity of inobvious belief oriented argumentation.

Edit, Annotate, Amend,Rectify…when not needed where inapplicable.

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I must say, I believe you make an unbelievably good point in regards to your lack of disbelief. I don’t believe I couldn’t have expressed such disbelief any better myself.

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I do not believe you.

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No worries, because I believe you don’t really believe that you don’t disbelieve me… I think. :thinking:

I honestly wouldn’t mind if we had a sex goddess who granted sex related wishes lol.


Thought is the opposite of belief and disbelief.

I don’t believe there is no God. I think there is no God.

A lot of people believe that is a weak argument. I think it isn’t.


HUH? All beliefs and disbeliefs are thoughts. A belief is a thought that is held onto to such a degree that it might be life altering were it to be demonstrated to be false. EXAMPLE: You think or believe your mother is your mother but then discover you are really a chimpanzee from a science lab and that wire in your head just makes you think your mother is your mother. Wow! Life altering. Now you need to ‘rethink your beliefs.’

I not only think there is no god but I tend to believe it as well. Were a god to suddenly manifest, well, ’
Holy Shit, I was wrong. I would find that life altering. I might even join the resistance to try and kill the fucking monster. (Assuming it is the god of Abraham. Someone needs to end that piece of shits rein. - If he exists that is.)


I thought I believed something for a long time. But then one day I thought better of it and stopped believing it because I thought it was ridiculous to think I believed it in the first place.

(I believe I should edit this, but I think it’s just fine as-is.)

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This is incoherent. Thought is a prerequisite for belief or disbelief. How could you possibly believe or disbelieve without thought? Thought is the “mechanism” by which one arrives at a belief, or with thoughtful consideration, a disbelief. I am, at this time, experiencing disbelief in the idea that thought is the “opposite” of belief and disbelief.My disbelief is entirely a thought process.
I am very close to believing that you thought that you could get someone to believe your premise without thought.

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When I was a young practicing theist, my belief in a god came without thought or consideration. It was with thought, consideration, and education that I changed my belief system.