All things Bright and Beautiful.........Oh really?

So, by your logic, you are mocking one of gawd’s creations also then. Congratulations on illustrating your lack of self awareness. Setting a great example there lil’ dickey.

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Now to the feable attempt to gaslight. I will say I respect the transparency of your screen name.

Heh, there are far worse things than mosquitoes to be concerned about, though they are efficient vectors for a range of nasty infections. Malaria is merely one of several of these - thre’s also yellow fever, dengue, dengue haemorrhagic fever, Nile virus, Zika virus, Chikuyunga virus, and a host of others.

Then we have such fine organisms as Dracunculus medinensis, Loa loa, various schiostosomes, filiarial worms, and Onchocerca volvulus. All of these will ruin your day in extremely unpleasant ways if you encounter them.

Though at least we don’t have, as yet, a parasite resembling the larvae of ichneumon wasps that eat their hosts alive from the inside out, though there are three fly species I know of whose maggots are a possible first stage along that route - Cochliomyia hominivorax and Dermatobia hominis being the two I simply remember most easily. Both of these will pretty quickly add much suffering and misery to your life.


Obviously not by everyone…although I really do appreciate the sarcasm.

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Hahaha you’re so cute. Keep it coming chief.

Wait, I thought you said he/she/it is YOUR creator. Besides, how would you even know if he/she/it is MY creator or not? For all you know, I may have simply spawned under a mushroom. Fortunately, though, I have a manufacturer’s plate showing I was assembled in the U.S.A. No mention, though, of where all the individual parts were made. (Not that it really matters. I’ve had so many repairs and replacements and upgrades over the years that the term “jalopy” comes to mind.) Anyway, point being, tell your creator that if he/she/it is offended by my ridicule, then he/she/it is free to contact me and I’ll happily discuss the matter with him/her/it. I find it interesting, though, how such an all-knowing, all-powerful entity requires delivery boys such as yourself to relay his/her/its hurt feelings to the offenders.

What… the… HELL does that even mean? :confused:

Mosquitos are evil? Hmmm… That’s news to me. All this time I just considered them a pain in the ass. Learn something new every day, I suppose. Oh, well… (*shrugging shoulders)… As for my disbelief, I DO prefer to be quiet about it. Problem, however, is that so many of you who believe in your god(s) won’t shut up about YOUR BELIEFS. Even worse, you continuously go around demanding EVERYBODY ELSE should believe the same as you. As long as I am not harming others, it is none of your business what I do or don’t believe. In that same respect, as long as you are not harming others, it is none of MY business what YOU do or don’t believe. See how that works? Therefore, whenever I encounter somebody who seems to think it is okay to force his/her god(s) of choice on others, then I have every right (and obligation) to show them the error of their ways. And if they get their pwecious wittle feewings hewrt by my telling the truth about their god(s), it is THEIR problem. Not mine. They should have thought about that before trying to force their beliefs on others. Pretty easy to understand, if you ask me.

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You see. Here in lies the everlasting gobstopper of lies metasticized by Satan in your minds - that we are somehow your enemy - some violating force that wishes to control and force you into some uncomfortable contract. We are not now, nor have we ever been this. Christianity has never harmed a single soul. Men have harmed plenty. You resentment is based in fear. God removes all fear and offers you the truest most complete love . The love only your creator can offer. God bless each one of you today. Much love everyone!

Uh…NO THANKS! being blessed by the kind of god in which you believe makes taking a favor from the Mafia look like eating a pie your grandma made for you…
Your smarmy faux consideration is so very greatly appreciated though…and I hope you receive all of the love you deserve today.

Edit for sincerity


It provided the motivation for past mythology fanboys to engage in rampant extermination of those who did not conform for 1,500 years in Europe.

Without that motivation, that body count would not have existed.

  1. “Christianity” is an idea, not a being. It is not stand-alone. It is zero without a human mind to carry it around. Therefore, as merely an idea, it is incapable of action in and of itself. Wo/men are responsible (barring physiological exclusions) for their own behavior. Ideas, however are all too frequently impetuous for distasteful activities.
  2. Resentments are based in fear? How do you know this?
  3. Your god removes all fear? Well, that’s not very smart! Fear can be quite a healthy thing to feel! It can keep one’s ass alive!
  4. Your god offers the truest most complete love? Looks like I missed being in the line when the coupons for it were being handed out. I was, however, in the line to get coupons for true and complete love, as well as protection from my GSD.

And by coming to terms with the fact that there is no evidence for such a coupon, or the celestial asshole doling them out, one is freed from the imagined need of either.

Then there remains nothing more than the joy, pain, helping,love, loneliness, and striving of life on this earth.

One stops wanting more when one realizes that this is more than enough, IME.


Hmmmm… :thinking:… Somehow or other, I feel there are a few folks across history who might disagree with that. Right off the top of my head, all the victims of The Inquisition and the witch hunts come to mind. And those are just the tip of the iceberg. In all fairness, however, I must agree that Christianity in and of itself did not cause the actual harm. Christianity is nothing more than an idea. A “concept” of sorts. And ideas and concepts have to be put into play by humans. Otherwise, they are harmless.

For instance, I can conceive a design for a most awesomely destructive weapon. I can draw up plans and technical blueprints to actually build such a weapon. BUT… Until a person (or persons) actually take those plans and build the weapon, that idea simply sits on the paper and harms nobody. See?

Therefore, if you believe in your bible and Christian god, then you believe your god is the one who created the “Christian idea.” In which case, it took a group of your god’s devoted “faithful followers” to implement your gods ideas and commit all of those horrendous acts against innocent people over the course of several centuries. And even in this day and age, many such horrendous acts are STILL being committed against innocent people by your Christian buddies all in the name of YOUR GOD.

So glad I could clear that up for you. You can thank me later. :hugs:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … Oh fuck, I wet myself.

Oh, shit. I pooped a little too.

The next time I need a blessing from a baby killing asshole. I’ll be sure to let you kino.

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The original post by Bluedoc But so appropriate for a reply to your stupidity.


Who the fuck is Milaria?


My new drag persona.


Have you been to Brazil, or Washington D.C.?


Indeed, though one wonders why a creatard denying the fact of shared ancestry can make this claim and not see the irony.

Ah an unevidenced claim for magic, sorry I’m dubious, though again the irony of claiming a loving perfectly merciful deity has foisted malaria spreading mosquitos on its (allegedly) favourite pet apes, is pretty palpable.

But but but…your magic using sky fairy can do anything mun?

I tend not to want malaria spreading mosquitos with mine as well. Maybe a little semi skimmed milk.

Can we have that in English?

An overly verbose ad hominem fallacy, try again.

Metastasized not metasticized (sic) genius, and what does that even mean? How the fuck does a gobstopper metastasize? Are these carcinogenic gobstoppers?

You’d have to present something approaching objective evidence your particular superstition is real, beyond your imagination of course, that religion have and do promulgate pernicious ideas is axiomatic.

What a spectacularly stupid claim. Christianity is a set of beliefs, and they have demonstrably harmed countless millions, either directly by its more pernicious doctrine, or indirectly.

Christian men, based on their Christian beliefs. Again the claim is too stupid to warrant proper discourse, try harder.

My resentment of religions is based solely on the pernicious beliefs they spread. My fear of the consequences doesn’t in any way negate the moral justification of that resentment, why would it.

I think you mean belief that a deity exists removes all fear, though this of course is palpably untrue, and the power of superstitious delusions to please those who indulge them, is not of course objective evidence for the belief itself.

I wasn’t created, I was conceived then born. This lame attempt to line up unevidenced claims in tandem is not going to sway me without any objective evidence to support any of it.

Meaningless platitudes are just going to bead up and roll off sorry, try objective evidence that a deity is even possible, just as a start. Professing love to strangers is just creepy, like a snake oil salesmen feigning sympathy to his customers, it’s unlikely anyone here will be fooled by such vapid self serving sentimentality.

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