Absurd Beliefs in Religious Gods

Absurd Beliefs in Religious Gods

I have always lost my mind, where does such ignorance of believers come from? even though science is at your fingertips. in this post, I would like to share with you my other reason why it is not worth believing in these superstitions. If there is a God who really loves us, he wants our salvation and he wants us to believe in him, he creates a reality that, according to our God-given rational understanding, we can completely reject him without any evil intention. And then God takes revenge on all ragged people. It’s aburd.

It’s “aburd”? Leave the birds out of this. What have they done?

The Abrahamic Gods are absurd, cruel and murderous.


@Redlight82 The monotheistic christian religion is contradictory, and this example is why I reject the christian god.

But what about the Norse, or Greek gods? Some of them were dicks and we were just their amusing playtoys. Based on a comparison between the monotheistic christian god and the gods of Greece, the Greek gods made more sense and were less illogical.


Have you considered attaching a string to it, and then connecting the other end of the string to a hook or something on your belt? Worked fairly well for me over the years.


I said it worked “fairly well”. I did not say it worked perfectly.

Of course it’s absurd. Every time I talk to any Christian I think “Silly Theist, fairy tales are for kids.” :laughing:

Of course the silly Christian isn’t going to believe what we have to say. If we stopped them from believing in their bullshit, they couldn’t go hang out with their cult on Sundays and load up on more comforting lies. Their little minds can’t take it.

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Sheep are much better at keeping grass fields nice and tidy. Goats however, are much better at dealing with bushes. Goats will clear any ingrown bushes without any issues, but they will eat till the very last bit, basically destroying all growth in the process. Sheep will not destroy the grass.

Completely unnecessary comment, but there it is.