You might be among the chosen!

Hey! If you find yourself waking up between 3 am and 5 am on a regular basis…it might just be because you are chosen. You may be one of God’s spiritual people? It’s a spiritual thing and not an over 65 weak bladder thing. You are perfeclty okay. God is just letting you know that you are among his chosen.

The only place this video belongs is in the fun room. People actually believe this horseshit! OH FUCK I face palmed my nose out my ass again. I gotta quit doing that.


2 minutes and 50 seconds was as far as I got, and I literally couldn’t listen to another of his unevidenced assertions, also the way he emphasised 3 ay…emm, then paused for effect, and then said …and 5 ay…emm…each time was making my teeth itch.

It was as if he thought his trite amateur theatrics lent the time some significance, or some gravitas to the idiocy of his claim about the time, because apparently “this is a more spiritual time, when revelations are more likely”, nothing to do with being asleep and your imagination or dreaming then, lucky he let us know. I didn’t face palm, but if I roll my eyes any more a massive headache and a permanent squint will surely result.


Well, you missed some real jewels then…
When you wake up between 3 AYEMM and 5 AYEMM you need to meditate…
Then you need to remember your last dream, because that is Graud speaking to you…
Your mind does not know, but your spirit knows…
At this point I started experiencing an uncontrollable twitch and just had to stop…

Like many things, I find the most disturbing aspect to be the fact that some people actually believe this batshittery…

Edit to listen to “Mr. Sandman”


Well Skriten, to be honest, you are my hero! You made it further into the video than I did. I made it to about the same place Sheldon cited before my brain started crawling out my ass to escape the noise. I think what I will do for entertainment is jump to some random future point and give a listen. LOL

9:00 yOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO INTERPRET WHAT GOD IS SAYING. "hans you need to staady the meaning of spiritual dreams. . So at the end of the day you yosolve know exactly… what… a dream… that involves aneemals…loions, colors numbers, mean. So you are not sombady whose everywhere but not anywhere. Becayse God is talking to you need to be able to decode that which was encoded… into… your spirit.

Awww Fuck… This guy is good. Make my next glass grape flavored!

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I liked how he had to switch bibles right away, to his phone….

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Actually, I am glad I was open-minded enough to watch this drivel, as it actually seemed to give me some important insights.

Sleep paralysis is more prone to happen between 3AM and 5AM, as this is thought to be when a person is in their deepest sleep.

During episodes of sleep paralysis, people experience visitors in the room with them, and alien greys who wisk them off to spaceships in order to get a physical exam (along with the obligatory anal probe).

In fact, sleep paralysis has been blamed on religious visions before. Please see below:

I have experienced sleep paralysis myself on about 4 occasions (that I remember).

I found the experience to be interesting, with a “drugged-trippy” feel to it. One of these episodes involved a being that seemed (in hindsight) to be reminiscent of the “machine elves” that one encounters when using a drug called DMT.

Talking to this being was a lot like talking to myself, and I didn’t get much out of the experience beyond a sense of deep self-reflection . . . which is fine, as I tend to be an introspective person anyway.

I can understand why people could see this as a religious experience . . . especially if they have no insight into the nature of their own inner selves.

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What you need to do is open yourself to the lord. :smirk:

That’s Satan trying to fool you, run to the light!

That’s god warning you about Hell.

Satan again…just stop using reason and logic, and it will all fall into place, apparently. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Reason and logic is SantaSatan’s way of luring you away from the Sacred Faith of GOD!


Logic, logic, logic, I am sick to death of your logic. That’s a quote from Spock’s mother :slight_smile: . He TOLD you right off the bat not to use logic and everyone is doing one logical post after another. Can’t anyone here follow instructions?


The real irony is despite theists constantly decrying logic and reason, they sulk when you suggest their beliefs are irrational? You have to see the irony.


Aw, shit. Between 50 and 55 seconds he actually said, “Stop being logical over spiritual things.” Uh, yep, seemed like a good stopping point for me. Learned everything I need to know about that vid in under a minute.


Remember your dreams so you know what god wants you to pray for and the real power in prayer is it can go into the future and wait for you. Umm there goes free will. LOL. A great caveat for not having your prayers answered. Either they weren’t what god wanted you to pray for or they were and are waiting for you to catch up in the future. I see why he warns against logic.