Woman Was Sentenced for Manslaughter for a Stillbirth

Maybe Christians and their churches should open rehabs with all that tithe money they make if they have a problem. Not sentence women to prison over it.


How will Olsteen, Shamblin, and friends build Christian theme parks, mansions, and own private jets? Those things aren’t cheap.

Also unfortunately many of them do open rehabs. It’s a stipulation of treatment you must go to Sunday services. They also do it with homeless shelters. So you can’t be out of the cold or get treatment unless you worship the god of their choice.

Take a deep breath in through my nose Ahhhh smells like freedom.

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Thank you @MrDawn, for posting this. The initial story is horrifying. The sum total of the stories is quite powerful.


I agree that it’s horrifying.

Unfortunately, meth (and many other drugs) interfere with good judgment . . . so the idea that prison is a deterrant to using drugs in pregnancy is very stupid.

My grandparents were from Oklahoma, and the culture in that state is the idea that all social problems come from being Godless.

So, it follows that everything can be fixed if we go to church more often and pray hard enough.

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