Why was my post deleted?

Was my post about being stuck at home with my wife because of covid deleted? If so, why?

It wasn’t deleted. It got moved to The Hub.

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Like Tin-Man said, it’s right here.


Okay, now I’m confused, when I try to find my post, I get a message that that page doesn’t exist or is private. Am I missing something?

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I’m not having any issues finding it. Must be up to the mods to enable permissions to the Atheist Hub.

There’s something going on, I don’t even see an atheist hub as an option for whatever reason.

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I used to have a section called Lounge, but I don’t see it anymore. I get the same message when I click that link.

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Uh, okay, now I’M confused. You say you cannot find your post, but you are here NOW posting in it. What the…?

Edit to add: I’m an idiot. I got the threads confused. Disregard what I said… (trying to exit discretely)…


@mr.macabre13 did you use the link @MrDawn provided?

I checked your status and everything looks normal (nothing restricted, normal membership and an atheist for access)

Can you screen shoot your options?

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@mr.macabre13 may not be inna position to make a screenshot, I’m guessing he is getting the same thing as I. I’m using phone, sorry about that.

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Can you send me a screen shot of the tab (lines) open beside your icon in the upper right hand?

I think I understood you right.

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That is weird!!! You got the right screen shot. I wonder why??? I’ll have to investigate. Thanks!

I tried something…. Can you check again and let me know?

It seems to be working now, I have access to lounge again.

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I know I’m an idiot, are the lounge and the hub the same thing? If not, I still don’t see the hub anywhere on my screen as an option.

I haven’t a clue with the hub thing for you. :grimacing:. IF you have access to the lounge I can move the thread you created there.

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That would be cool, I have access to the lounge now, so if you can move it, great!

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