Why the "pro-life" movement isn't really pro-life

Continuing the discussion from Atheism and Abortion:

Most pro-lifers are the same ones that don’t give a flying fuck about immigrant children locked in what essentially are large cages, separated from their parents, rejects expanding Medicare for postpartum care, and cut programs that feed hungry children.

What about the “fates” of children born from unwanted pregnacies?

On top of that, the anti-abortion movement mostly stems from Christian beliefs, and therefor falls under Separation of church & State.


Conservatives tend to feign concern over particular issues while ignoring the rules when it interferes with their own lives. They are hypocrites of the highest order.


The point I like to make is wealthy conservatives have found a batch of prepared sheep when they include a issue like abortion in their rhetoric. Their experience with them has been 50 years of reduced taxes. It is a pro-wealth issue used to hide the true objective, create a feudal like system where they can fund their own.

Most religious leaders don’t care because they use the same tools to keep their pledge books filled.

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