Why most Christians constantly pick the wrong side in history?

In your opinion, why Christians constantly picks the wrong/evil/bad side in history but wants to claim the right one after the fact?

We had in the U.S. the Abolitionist and Civil Rights movements, where most Christians chose to oppose them at that moment in history, but now we have apologists such as Tim Keller claiming that it was True Christians ™ that actually led to the progress of these movements.

We had Donal Trump elected by most Christian and pastors preaching he was the Chosen One ™. In Brazil, it’s also the same with Bolsonaro being supported by the majority of Christians and pastors also saying he is the Chosen One ™.

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I’m not able to agree with that claim

I think that perhaps you are looking at a very narrow view of history. Taken world wide over a couple of thousand years, you might find your claim does is not stand up to scrutiny.

Tim Kellor is a moron. That claim is based on a common fallacy called ‘no True Scotsman’. As far as I can tell, there’s no such thing as a 'true Christian. The definition depends on whom you ask in the hundreds of Christian sects


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I do agree with your observation. The loophole for any religion is “true Christian/Muslim/Jew etc (fill in religious choice) … and fill in moral social choice”. They do that to each other all the time and there are so many in various religions throughout the world that some from their religion will have done the ethical thing. At that point the religion or religious can become silent on the “wrong” choice and highlight those that did the “right” and claim it for their faith.

BTW a great many tRump supporters believe the Donald has the “presidency spiritually as god’s anointed”.

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Too many people never go to the effort in truly learning the real cause of events. They just pick a convenient reason, and since it sounds plausible and cool, they go with it.