Why is premarital sex a problem?

No, no, no like the other fellow, you come back with delusion. I have given you no opinion, you asked for proof and you now have it. Disprove it or acknowledge God not only exists but is the God I serve and no other! Disprove me or accept me, the proof is in the physical evidence that not even scientist can disprove. There is no coincidence you have been flabbergasted, because even scientist cannot disprove the physical evidences I have given you. Next time you see, and doctor, pharmacist, nurse ask them if life ever forms on a sterile surface? Then ask them, if a sterile surface can never lose its sterility can life ever be produced on it naturally?

I have given you the Holy Grail, take it, test it, prove it, and know the second you close your eyes it is MY GOD, whom awaits you and no other.Follow every other religion you choose but only mine is proven, established and IS GOD!

My evidence will live without disapproval by all mankind. The only way to know this is to put the data to the test … accepting only real evidence not presumptions, interpretations, and consensus of delusional humanity. As has always been the case. the choice like the consequences are yours alone. I have done my part, I have proven God exists, in a manner you nor any you know can disprove with physical evidence. This is because they predicated everything on only two earths . Two I have proven never existed at all. One claimed eternal and the other claimed as sterile formed. I have proven the Third earth exists, the one created!

Uh, if you don’t mind my asking, when is the last time you saw your therapist to have your meds adjusted? I understand if you would rather not answer in public. No hard feelings. Just thought I would give you a little reminder in case it has been awhile.

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Coward, you don’t even attempt to disprove the science you’ve been given. You named yourself in properly tin-man … your the scarecrow.
While you while away the hours conferring with the flowers consulting with the rain. On your head you’d be scratching while your thoughts were busy hatching … well you know.

Look, it is the LION who was the coward and my ol’ buddy Straw Boy who got the brain. I’m just a heartless hunk of rusting tin. Although, in all fairness, I can see how you would get us all mixed up. When I’m out in public, people do often mistake me for one of the other two if I happen to be wearing sunglasses. So, don’t feel bad. It happens.

Where is that evidence? Why can’t I see that?

Nature. Nature is on our side. Sex is natural.

Bullshit. You love that your god idea, Mr. Mythological Fanboy (:butterfly:), allows you to spew hate and threats. The hate is real. The threat is imaginary.

…blah blah blah :unamused: BTW this was pre-Christian. Do you follow all the pre-Christian laws too???

I prefer getting my moral/ethical advice from Spider-Man

Shitttt…. YOU are stupid!!! Please refer to:

No. You have ranted. Assertions. An old book (there are plenty with all kinds of gods). YOU made a CLAIM so you NEED to prove it (Jesus fuckin’Christ you idiot, this is not how the world works)…

Besides, I’m still working on disproving @Old_man_shouts_at_cl fucking dragon :dragon: claim and am currently under obligation to worship it until I can disprove its existence

That’s because you’re refusing to take your meds. :grimacing:

It’s in his head - from old book/myth stories.

He hasn’t demonstrated, evidenced or established anything BUT…


It is against forum rules to just preach and spam.
This is your 1st warning.

In all seriousness, when you make a claim - it needs to be dealt with on the ONE claim first (no pre-suppositions allowed unless accepted by the person/s you are debating). YOU’VE made one claim/assertion after another without stopping to breath in your self-righteous judgement.

SO IN all fairness for a new theist I’m going to reel you back.

This was your FIRST claim. :arrow_up: THIS thread is about “pre-marital sex”. Stick to the topic. Back your claim.

I would point out that sex can hold massive significance to some women - and men

a child in the bargin is the result of sexual activity and is the result if the woman chooses to have the baby (reproductive health right)

men are animals so are women :woman_shrugging:t2: WE are the species of animal known as homo-sapien


Oh, okay, I see how you are now. Fine. Be that way. Just totally forget alllll about my Ginormous Invisible Blue Universe-Creating Bunny. See if I care. I’m sure Old Man’s dragon is MUCH MORE loving and cuddly. :triumph:

Please give us evidence for the existence of this mythical place called Hell(*). I won’t hold my breath.

(*) Hell in Norway does not count. And yes, it’s a real place. The railway station in Hell even has has its own “Gods-expedition”:



sigh he just beat you to it… you’re bunny might be next :woman_shrugging:t2:

There’s so many claims to :wink: disprove first…


You don’t get it.

He asserts these things EXIST because he believes AND you have to disprove them because they are “real” because he said soooooo


Yah sigh

Definitely past strike 2 …

@TheAuthor We understand that you are 100% invested in your faith. We get it. But what everyone wants to know is … WHY? And for what reason?

So please roll back on the proselytizing and get back to square one… offer proof of your god.

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Oh yes, I absolutely get it.

While they were babies, I had to change my kids’ diapers, filled to the rim with both pee and #$%&* stinking poo and diarrhoea. And I have been puked upon by them (real projectile vomiting), sitting in public. And I have wiped huge snails of snot from their noses. What religious crybabies like @TheAuthor and his/her ilk are doing now is behaving like babies, spreading their excrement and other noxious body fluids, demanding that the adults are wiping their noses, cleaning their butts, changing their diapers, and mopping up their puke. But unlike said religious asswipes, my kids have grown out of it, have long since learned to blow their own noses, go to the toilet on their own, and warn if they are feeling nauseous and are about to puke. They can even read and write, understand the value of scientific results, and can present coherent and persuasive arguments.


Dog-gonnit, GOML, you STILL don’t get it. What White is trying to tell you is that if Author truly believes what he is saying, then it is our OBLIGATION to also believe until we can prove him wrong. See? Because if Author says it is true, then it is absolutely true until we can prove otherwise. Why is this so hard for you to understand? Hell, Author even gave us HARD PROOF that what he believes is true. Okay, granted, I must have missed it somewhere along the way. But I’m sure one of us will eventually find it. Meanwhile, Author TOLD US he provided concrete proof, so it goes without saying that must also be true… UNTIL WE CAN PROVE HIM WRONG. Now, for all our sakes, please quit yer bitchin’ and start looking for that proof Author provided. Because if we never find it, we can’t prove him wrong. And that means we are stuck having to believe what he says is true.


It gets old when we get Theists like @TheAuthor who has their own definition and ideas of what “evidence” is. Anecdotal ideas and religious hearsay is not evidence of a deity and the Bible is a claim, not evidence.

The only evidence @TheAuthor has to work with is historical evidence that the Romans wrote a book and historical evidence of a religious movement. Nothing more. Everything else are his beliefs and a skewed version of imaginary evidence he claims is the “real deal”.

In favor of Hitchens Razor and The Sagan Standards; I dismiss his argument and his superstitious claim. You cant say " I have evidence or this is evidence" while presenting NO EVIDENCE or sources to concrete empirical or historical sources to back those claims.

I fully understand that when @TheAuthor shits his diapers, pukes down his baby buggy, and blows bubbles of snot, he expects us to wipe him clean, feed him, encourage him, and cheer him on. “There, there. What a nice poo you presented us with.” But TheAuthor is not my baby. I pinch my nose and tell his parents that his diapers are full. To me, his body fluids and waste products are effectively S.E.P.


Oh, okay. I get it. You’re just not a team player. Well, according to Author, your well-being is at stake just as much as ours, whether you believe him or not. But, fine, have it your way. Just sit back and let the REST OF US do all the work of proving Author wrong. Then you will happily reap the joys of the freedom from belief (AND hell) that WE provided for you. No-no-no… Don’t get up now. You just sit there all comfy and relaxed. We’ve got this. We’ll let you know when it’s okay to no longer believe.

Edited by Admin. Still just preaching.

There is no evidence, only assertions that you’ve pulled out of your arse. You can stick them back up again, and plug it with that bible of yours.