Why is atheism divided between feminism and Men's Rights so much?

(*Note: This is my first time posting, so I may be unfamiliar with some things.)

I have noticed how atheists tend to be more mixed when it comes to feminism and Men’s Rights.

I have met feminist atheists, and I have met Men’s Rights Activist (MRA) atheists.

Why is there such a divide, and why does the divide seem to be more prevalent for atheists than for other groups?

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What would it mean if there was no divide? And are you sure there is this divide? Would there be some kind of statistic that could be examined to make this concept a little more objective?

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I don’t have a specific statistic or anything, but there are some things.

FriendlyAtheist tends to be full of feminist or pro-feminist atheists.

Skeptics tend to either be anti-feminist or MRA.

There are also some studies (with their share of problems) stating that possibly between 70 to 80% of MRAs are atheist, though I doubt it’s that high.

It’s just that, every time I interact with other atheists, they are either feminist or MRA, and it seems to be pretty divided.

Is that a tautology:

  1. Is it possible to be both?
  2. Is it possible to be neither?


  1. Yes, it’s possible to be both. Though I’ve met almost none who identify as both. I have, however, met atheist feminists/MRAs who are (somewhat) okay with the other side.

  2. Yes, it’s possible. You could also be egalitarian, humanist, other, or nothing at all, but I have met almost none who don’t identify as either feminist or MRA. I did meet a MIGTOW who identified as atheist, and neither feminist nor MRA, but that’s close to it.

Hi Drew. Welcome from sunny South Australia. I hope enjoy your time here…

An atheist is only a person who does not believe in god(s) There is no such thing as an atheist position on any other topic.

There are no ‘shoulds’ for an atheist. We come in all shapes and follow a wide range of life philosophies and political opinions.

Whether or not a person supports feminism has nothing to do with being an atheist



I know that there are no “shoulds.” I was just wondering why there appears to be such as gap between feminist atheists and MRA atheists in atheism in general.

I can’t say I’ve encountered this. But then again, Atheist Republic is the first and only forum I’m on.

I identify as a person.

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I’ve encountered this plenty of times, but this may also be due to me being in 10 different places at one time, on the internet.

I have already encountered it in my mom and me:

She identifies as an atheist and pro-MRA feminist, while I identify as a atheist and MRA. This was my first experience of that, and, after spending time on the internet, I’ve seen it more.

I guess I don’t “get” it … :woman_shrugging:t2: lol. That’s OK. There’s room for improvement in all areas of society.


I just gave you the answer. It’s not a matter of “yes—but”. To be even clearer: any perceived gap has nothing to do with atheism

Why should not a gap exist? What qualities do you think an atheist has that make such a gap worthy of comment?

That term gap is hard to understand. A gap in what exactly?

Greetings Drew, from Canada, the land of snow, ice hockey, and polar bears.

Most atheists, by nature, are skeptics and follow their own personal roadmap. Males who advocate for men’s rights obviously prioritize that as a priority. And for females who advocate for women’s rights, they would prioritize their position.

As atheists, the sole thing we have in common is a lack of belief in a god or gods. There is zero dogma in being an atheist, you could be a member of PETA, or you could be a bow hunter on the weekends.

We all march to the beat of our own drum, or maybe a rolling pin. :wink:


TAKE THE RED PILL - Atheism has nothing to do with belief systems. Most atheists are skeptics to one degree or another. Some are not. Some believe in all sorts of weird shit. Crystal magic, magnetism, acupuncture, chakras, The Secret, bla bla bla bla… The only thing atheists have in common is a lack of belief in God or gods. That’s it… no big secret.

A gap in identification. A gap between the number of those who identify as feminist, and those who identify as MRA.

Yeah, there is. Just do what you think is right, I guess

What are the numbers?


Yeah, I guess so. But I might add that it’s not just males who advocate for Men’s Rights and vice versa. Women also advocate for Men’s Rights, many who are atheists, and some women who do (but are or aren’t necessarily atheist, I don’t know) include Shoe0nHead, Blaire White, and Karen Straughan. I’m pretty sure at least two of them are atheists, maybe all of them.

Hm. Yeah, I guess so

Is there really a difference between the two?

I guess PETA has a bigger body count.

Sorry, that reminded me of the song, “Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythms of the war drums.”

Yeah, I know. But I was wondering why there is such a divide between feminists and MRAs in the atheist community. I know we can all be one thing or another.

And I take the red pill, yeah, but I also have the “green pill.”

The Green Pill – Acid Men’s Rights (wordpress.com)

I stated this earlier, so this might help:

So… you are referencing numbers, but can not or will not provide them.