Why I Believe In God

To the individual who does not believe in God please read carefully.
Why I Believe in God

Cornelius Van Til

[The entire book was posted here, I removed it, here is a link to it. What exactly is or is not fair use is debatable, but no one in their right mind thinks copying an entire book is fair use ---Nyarlathotep]


From someone who in the same (over long over-verbose post) mentions ‘miracles’ and invisible beings and ‘logic’ in the same post.

Fucken hilarious.



Whoa :open_mouth:. At first…before I saw you basically “copy and pasted” someone else’s reasonings or argument (unless YOU wrote this) …I was preparing to discuss - THEN I scrolled.

My god man!!! Why don’t you present why YOU believe in a god- and the god of your choice.

I can always google JW.org if I want to be preached at.

BTW …sorry old chap/chapess (or young) I got about 2 paragraphs in and was hesitant when I saw it was someone’s “story?!?” NOT YOURS

Very happy that I didn’t waste my time. :yawning_face:


@ Henry_Shymexx
Welcome to AR.
Having considerately taken the time to read all of this very dated bit of frippery, its easy to see why Van Til is regarded the Father of modern presuppositional apologetics. He is the inspiration for all the disputative Hams, Comforts and Hovinds.
Van Til affably welcomes others to believe what they want but simply doesn’t allow for anything other than what comes from the application of dubious Christian ‘logic’ on unevidenced presuppositions of faith, to be possibly true. Everything else can be discounted out of hand. Honestly, you just cant argue with that. Brilliant. But still, I am not happy having wasted my time reading it.

Now Henry, as Whitefire has asked, what about you? Care to share what you personally believe and why? Van Til passed in 1987 and is no longer available to contest his ideas. Do you have anything to offer? A nifty little defence of Van Til’s arrogance perhaps?

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So Henry_Shymexx, now that the plagiarized material has been removed, why do YOU believe in a god?

Presuppositional apologetics is begging the question on steroids.


You know it would’ve been much more convenient for the members of the forum if you had summarized the reasons for the God’s existence in this thread rather than telling us to read thousands of words which none of us give any damn about. It’s just like someone else giving you a book about why Hinduism is supposedly the only truth in this world. And you have to read it. You’ll be like, NAAAAH, NO THANKS.

Besides, if you do believe in God, it’s good for you. You don’t need to justify it.

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Interesting “assertion” (to answer your question from a new post you started).

Do you know this poster personally? What evidence do you have that belief in god is “good” for you? If an assertion or claim “belief in god” is made there should be good reason and an acceptable standard of evidence for this claim to be “accepted”.

Nah, I never meant that the belief in god itself is good for you. I meant it like, if you do belief in him, congratulations (but we don’t care).


  • however “assertions” are like an opinion (who cares) or a presumption (which needs to be agreed to by both parties).

My “internal alarm” is now set to any assumption - it starts buzzing and I re-read the statement to understand “what’s setting this off”.

This is more to address your other question. But others with more experience will answer in the other thread.


Ok, I’ve read through that turgid piece of presuppositionalist apologetics, now what?

It struck me as the worst kind of vapid rhetoric btw, I’m not sure what else any remotely objective reader could possibly get from it.

Edit: Is this the first drive by in the new forum?

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How can you believe in something that has zero objective evidence in reality? Van til failed at reason, so do you. It is not reasonable to believe in a god, who himself has no objective evidence of existence in reality…if everyone does that, there would be accounts of werewolves riding unicorns down the street to starbucks for a latte with their vampire friends…which is just silly. I guess its time for you to stay inside on full moons, and make sure your necklace has some fresh garlic.

See Matt Dillahunty’s debate with Sy WhatTheFucksHisName for a complete destruction of PreSup “logic”. This kind of crap would be hilarious except for the fact that for some unfathomable reason, some otherwise coherent (yes, the point can be argued) individuals actually accept it.

The smart money is on “yes”.

All evidence points to a confident “yes” …the idea of forming his own thoughts freaked the shit out of him!


Actions of Van til wanna be’s poll

  • Has moved on, and is reloading his gun, for the next site on his drive-by list.
  • Is hugging his bible in hopes of an answer directly from his version of a god.
  • Is going to come back and flood us with heathen eradicating buybull verse.
  • Is going to come back for rational discourse.

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Hey, since we all seem to be getting little “rewards” from the site for reaching various goals, I suggest we add a “First Drive-by of the Month” reward. Along with that, perhaps there could also be a “Best Proselytizing Award”. Anybody else have any other such suggestions?


That’s good…

We should also include, The Most Deluded Person of the Month Award.

@dogalmighty Re: “Most Deluded Person of the Month Award.”

Yikes! Good one, but I would hate to be one of the judges trying to make that determination. :sweat_smile:

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Ok ok, stop begging…you can do it.