Why don't you believe?

Hey :wave: is that e=mc2???

Or a deepity?Just reading into stuff I know natta aboot

First, thank you for your effort. While this is cool and exciting, creationists tend to not accept this. They will tend to use the bliblically inspired term “kind”, which does not have a clear definition. They will argue that two populations of, say, fish that have evolved (through microevolution, as they are so incredibly fond of) to not interbreed, meaning that we have speciation, still are the same kind. Or, more plainly, they are still fish, so no “macro evolution” have happened, as they will claim. Discussing with this breed of creationists is like nailing jello to a wall. They refuse to acknowledge that very long-term accumulation of “micro-evolutionary” traits can lead to something like the evolution of, say, a tiktaalik-like creature to mammals. Often, they will build a straw man from this, like this one that was presented in a creationist lecture I once attended***: “According to evolution, a cow will give birth to an orangutan, which will then give birth to a human. Ridiculous!”

*** Yes, it was extremely painful to listen to this shit.

According to whom? IN MY OPINION some Zen masters are full of humbug.

IN MY OPINION any experience one has with Zen is meaningful. I admit that claiming any experience due Zen may be committing a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. However, I don’t believe that’s the case. MY perception is that the unique experience I had was indeed the result of solving the Zen Koan.

I was describing a personal,subjective experience which was real for me. It was not my intention to be didactic. Apologies if I came across that way. I really, truly, don’t give a flaming flying furnurkle if you believe me or not.

Thought for today:

" A thousand monks,a thousand religions" (Buddhist saying)

I don’t think anything qualifies as “emptiness,” so lets go for “Deepity.” I’m fairly certain it was intended as a deepity when I wrote it… We’ll leave it to Ratty do deal with the Einstein reference in his delusional rat mind.

that was funny :joy: I guess with all positions :joy:

Two Christians under the same Church roof will not agree on the qualities of the god they are worshiping. (Richard Dawkins, Matt Dillahaunty, Aron Ra, Christopher Hitchens, Dan Barker, Isaac Asimov, Ruth Hurmence, Sam Harris, Seth Andrews, everyone on this site, and the rest of the atheist community. Who needs a Buddhist Koan when you have “Reality” staring you in the face? “Athousand Atheists, a thousand ways of comprehending a simple Buddhist Koan.”


I am guessing you are a Christian?

There’s thousands of religious beliefs in the world, and many different stories of creation. Evey region of earth has their own separate beliefs, see also (Morgan Freeman The Story Of God.)

If I am understanding this correctly this time, most atheists do not believe in a god because of lack of evidence. God also can not be disproved but there’s no evidence for a god either.

I refuse to believe in something when there’s too much a lack of evidence to prove a god exists. I will admit there’s nothing to disprove it either.

Most lack a belief. Not believing is very different than a lack of belief.

Either-way I wont believe in something which has lack of proof.

We both know there’s thousands of religious beliefs, but there’s too much lack of evidence in any of them.

If death is nothing I will never miss concessions.

Sorry I forgot to reply directly to you. DOH!!!

Yet you have repeatedly claimed to believe no deity exists, and admit you have zero proof?

No I have no proof, but as long as there’s lack of proof I will never believe in any deity.

Did it again, forgot to reply directly. DOH!


(God Doesn't Do Anything At All)

Yes I did, and I’ll keep believing that claim even if I have 0 evidence.


What you think I will suddenly be a theist believing in a god?

God doesn’t do anything meaning that our universe needed no god to start it.

I also agree with.

Larry King also believes there’s nothing after death.

Yes there’s lack of evidence for a god, as well as god can not be completely rolled out either.

I still have no problem dying to nothing, as I will never miss consciousness if that’s the end.

Why would you post such a lie? Where have I ever made any such claim?

You said:

Then you said:

In another thread you said:


(God Doesn’t Do Anything At All)

Yes I did, and I’ll keep believing that claim even if I have 0 evidence.


Stop lying and pretending anyone objecting to your fallacious claims is remotely defending theism.


I suspect he is confusing you with me. I did mention I still suspected him to be a theist.

But as we all see, he constantly sends out mixed messages.

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Yeah you did say something along that line.

There’s like what? Three thousand two hundred religions and millions of gods.

So there’s no proof that a god does not exist, but we all also know there’s no evidence one exists either.

You still haven’t addressed this contradiction?

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319 posts in this thread. He just doesn’t get it.