Why don't you believe?

Hello. Im new here and trying to understand the quirks of atheists. Atheists often have a problem with the Creator, who is called God, why?

What objective evidence can you demonstrate for any deity?

I am an atheist because theists and religious apologist can’t demonstrate any objective evidence for any deity. Also the arguments presented are often irrational and flawed.

I’m not sure what quirks you’re referring to, but beyond the lack or absence of belief in any deity or deities, no two atheists need have anything in common.

I can have no problem with deities or creation since I don’t believe the universe was created, and I don’t believe in any extant deity.

Hi :wave: Joy …LOL. I actually have no problems with invisible sky daddies. I also have no “problems” with unicorns :unicorn:…sometimes my garden fairies :fairy:t2:‍♀ and I will have issues, but they’re quite reasonable.

Hello Joygirl, welcome to Atheist Republic.

Which god are you referring to, please? There are many creation myths.

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Well my problem with that starts with the fact that I don’t believe that god is real.

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Howdy, Joy. Welcome. “Quirks of atheists”, huh? Well, speaking ONLY for myself, I do admit I have quite a few. (Just ask my wife. :roll_eyes:) As for the quirks of other atheists, I’m afraid you will have to ask each and every one of them individually, because I dare say each and every one has his/her own set of little idiosyncrasies that make us all unique.

As for “having a problem” with a “creator god”, to which particular creator god are you referring? (There are a few, in case you didn’t know.) And, again, speaking for myself, why would I have “a problem” with something in which I don’t believe? That is rather like asking, “Why do you have a problem with the Easter Bunny?” As far as I’m concerned, as long as people do not attempt to force their particular god(s) on me or others, then they are free to believe as they wish. No skin off my nose. Matter of fact, my wife and several of our friends are Pagan. And I actually happen to enjoy some of the discussions we sometimes have about all their different gods. Interesting stuff. But, hey, that’s just me. Other atheists may have completely different views about all of that, so you will have to ask each one individually. Otherwise, the ONLY thing we definitely have in common is that we do not believe in god(s).

(Now to go read the replies from others…)

Wow, overstepping your authority there slightly. You’ll be a wanting a heart from a wizard next…

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It’s okay. I got permission from my wife to speak for myself this time. :crazy_face:

Fair enough, I’ll just email the ex wife’s solicitors and see if that’s ok.

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What makes you think there is a creator called God? Do you have any evidence at all for such a thing?

Your best response is “EXACTLY THE REASON” we do not believe.

Looks like another drive by…

Before I proceed to answer your questions, by the Rules of Logic and other Laws Providing for Conclusive Proof of Truth of a matter, let us get this out of the way, what is your measurement and standard of Proof of Truth?

Is it by Natural Truths like that popular Mountain we call Mount Everest in the place we call Asia Truth?

or is it by speculative and Test Tube standards of truth like saying in the next 10 years a woman can be the president of America?

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Well we might ask the same of you, since it is your belief, but let’s start here…

If that most basic epistemological requirement is beyond your claim, then offer the most compelling reason you have for believing in an extant deity.

WTF is that? :worried:

read more in science and religions either books, YouTube documentary channels of people who were believers and why did they leave it by giving a strong proof to it myths. Then you wont be needing anyone to ask why he or she is an atheist

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Also, what’s with the random capital letters? Madder than a box of frogs?

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Why not transfer the believing in unicorn and your garden fairies to a belief in the existence of God, a supreme and self existing being, hmm?

You are an objective evidence, that demonstrates, for any deity. You’re, to start with, the first exhibit. With can move on, to examine the human eye and its complexity to take as part of an objective evidence you can use to demonstrate for a Designer, Inventor, Creator, Coder, Maker, Scientist, Prime Mover, Planner et cetera Deity

Your existence, as a starting point, is an objectively supported fact or evidence that the deity, God, a supreme and self existing being, exists

It is unwise to have such decision

God, the supreme and self existing being