Why don't you believe?

Nope… not even close! Your existence is evidence of your parents having sexual intercourse.
Trace the line back …and wow! :flushed: an evolutionary line.

Cool, I did not know you believed in the Flying Spaghetti Monster



Welcome to AR.

I can speak only for myself.

My atheism is not quirk. It is the inevitable result of a 20 year journey from devout Catholicism. There is nothing casual or flippant about my non belief. The journey was often painful, and made my relationship with my devout father very ‘difficult’
It would have been easier and deeply dishonest for me to give the impression of still being a believer.

I have no problem with the personal superstitions of others. I only have one reason for my disbelief; a lack of proof.***

I notice there is nothing next to your name to denote you are an atheist. That suggests you are a believer.

Why are you here? Do you not realise that most of our members were previously believers? Mosty Christian, with a couple of muslims.


***I also disbelieve in; an afterlife,the soul, angels, demons, heaven, hell, mountain trolls, dragons, ghosts, psychic powers, fortune telling, alien visitation, dragons and fairies at the bottom of my garden. ALL for the same reason: A lack of proof.


This from someone who believes that an invisible sky fairy created a defective world that had to be wiped clean with a magical flood, and then for Plan B made a virgin pregnant, and had his own son tortured to death so he could come back to life. Followers of major world religions today mutilate babies, ritually eat their founder and drink his blood, wear funny hats, reject perfectly good food sources, kill each other over trivial doctrinal differences, oppress women, and rape children.

And you say atheists are quirky?


Hey, Boom, better hope your pet dragon doesn’t read that. I heard it ain’t wise to piss off pet dragons.

Truth: That which can be taken to be true comports with reality. Belief in “truth” is subject to the quality of evidence supporting that “truth.” That which is asserted without evidence can be rejected without evidence. That which is said to be true, can be altered by new facts and evidence. If you are arguing for Absolute Truth instead of simple objective truth, you will have to be the one who supports the claim.

Not mine.MY mother died a virgin. :face_with_monocle:


The human eye is fragile and poorly designed. There’s a blind spot right in the middle, and we have to waste brain power rectifying inverted images. The eye itself is an extremely fragile mess of jelly and is vulnerable to damage from dust, impacts, and even excessively strong light.

Have you heard the expression “blind as bat”? Well bats have better vision than us, especially in low-light conditions.

No designer would be satisfied with the many defects and compromises in the human eye. It’s exactly what you’d expect to emerge from chance mutations combined with natural selection. It’s evidence of the non-existence of a creator god.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:…Damn you, Cranky!.. :rofl:… Give a guy some warning before you decide to be funny!.. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(Directed to Wildfire in response to: “I also have no “problems” with unicorns :unicorn:…sometimes my garden fairies :fairy:t2:‍♀ and I will have issues, but they’re quite reasonable.”)


…(double face palm)… Ugh… You don’t get out very much, do you?.. (shaking head in sorrow)…

Of dear, irreducible complexity AGAIN?

Generally speaking, Evolution is a terrible engineer. The goal is only that something work, not that it be elegant.

In one of his better encounters, Richard Dawkins uses his discipline of evolutionary biologist to calmly, rationally tear that claim to pieces.

algebe, let us not forget that other animals have superior eyes. The mantis shrimp eyes have many superior characteristics. Some raptor birds function like telescopes. Cats can see where to us humans it is pitch black. Chameleons can rotate their eyes.

Of course, all of this makes a sham of the claim we were designed in the image of a god.

Please explain “quirks”? What are you assuming? Do you understand that your very first sentence reeks of prejudice?

Hahahahaha :joy: why don’t you transfer you’re god belief to unicorns :unicorn: and garden fairies 🧚🏻‍♂ hmm?

Here - there’s even books :open_book: :open_book:


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@David_Killens Re: Dancing gnome

You kin to that guy?

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yea, cousin Bertrand. He likes to party hard like only gnomes can party.

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Forgive my intrusion but what do you mean by the universe wasn’t created?

It drives Me Crazy because I Always think They are speaking About a Proper noun. :blush:


He kinda reminds me of my stepson, oddly enough. :sweat_smile:

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