Why dont Christians believe in overpopulation?

I’ve been debating with a guy that is using Catholic resources to debunk overpopulation as a myth.

I also found out that Catholic groups are very against it such as the PRI (Population Research Institute) that is known for being Anti Choice & Anti LGBT.

However the articles I found on Stanford and Harvard suggests that we are overpopulated.

So why are Christians so quick to dismiss it?

I honestly thought it was obvious that we are from what I learned in public school.


Because when you are member of a death cult the more that die the better. The more go to hell. Your righteousness and good works not to mention faith will keep you in the ranks of the “saved” whether in heaven, repopulating Earth and (curiously) living forever without sex, ruler of your own planet for that flavor of stupidity…take your pick. If science says it…it’s gotta be wrong. My god says so!

Oh for catlicks especially the more in the population (they are in a breeding race with Islam) the more money for priests and the more amenable small boys there are around.

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Recently I’ve been hearing Christians spout stuff about under-population problems. Which is insane.


You can only demonstrate facts, you can’t make people accept them. A while back a Christian in an online forum told me without a hint of irony, that I ought to know that it was a “scientific fact” the earth could support 200 billion people. I was censured for using an emoji as my sole response, then when I questioned the reprimand the moderator who made it dredged up the fact I had called someone dishonest twice in the same thread when they had lied persistently. You have to know when there is nothing to gain, and I flatter myself I have above average recourse to patience in most discussions.


Out breeding others does appear to be a religious strategy for gaining followers. I used to know a catholic from Northern Ireland and they were gleeful that catholics were over taking protestants in numbers because they were having more children. I believe that has slowed in the last decades.
Some industrialized countries do have a demographics problem i.e. too many old people and not enough young people, and in the case of China , too many men as an unforeseen consequence of their 1 child policy. Japan seems in pretty deep shit from low birth rates. Places like the U.S give little help with maternity leave or affordable day care and then seem surprised that women choose to have no, or fewer children.


People find reasons to dismiss ideas that are uncomfortable.

Deeply religious people are uncomfortable with evolution, so they go to bizarre lengths to bury the idea. The Catholic Church held the position that lightning is from God, so lightning rods on churches are sacreligious and heretical.

In order for any religion to survive, it must replenish itself with new members.

The Shakers were once a thriving religion with thousands and thousands of members. They were to be admired, as (unlike the vast majority of all religions) they were egalitarian, and women shared power and control equally with the men, they were pacifists, and they believed in protecting the environment . . . as they saw the world as a gift from God that should be cherished.

The only problem is that they believe in celebacy, so they can only increase their numbers by recruitment.

As a consequence, there are only 2 of them left . . . a 58 year old man and a 77 year old woman.

So, I think that a belief in the realities of overpopulation evokes an existential fear of the religion losing members and becoming less influential . . . and this cognitive dissonance is resolved by simply refusing to believe in something because it makes them uncomfortable.

Perhaps they want more tithing wage-earners as potential members.


I agree. My father occasionally argued that religions should be traded on the stock exchange just like any other business . . . so that I could have 100 shares of First Presbyterian Church and 300 shares of Roman Catholic along with IBM and Pfizer in my diversified portfolio.


Seriously, I keep hearing this too. What and who is peddling this absurdity? I swear it is theism mixed with a corporate culture of not having enough “unskilled” labor to sustain this 45 degree angle of imaginary infinite growth everyone thinks is possible.


I was pretty pleased that world populations are on the decline. I think we’re in a position (technological) to get rid of redundant jobs and less people create less strain on earth’s resources.

It’s a natural decrease (some out of the “one child” policy) and the rising age of the baby boom generation. Choice in family size has been a huge bonus!

But, yah, I’ve stumbled on to some that scream :scream: over the declining birthdate. Same folks who want to take us back to the “good’ole’days” as viewed through rose-coloured glasses. BTW, the world’s population was 2.5 billion in 1950.


I think it has something to do with the abortion debate/fight. Something like: We can’t allow abortions because of population is in decline.
Except it isn’t in decline, it is increasing.

It sounds like something Harry Markopolos would say. He’d say something like: 45 degrees into the future is a pipe dream; 45 degrees in the past is fraud.


Good luck ever getting any type of evangelical to see the facts of that. I think that mixes in with the idea of needing uneducated masses of poor to keep roping into the church and squeezing out whatever nickels or resources they can manipulate out of them. Shower them in false hopes while you rob them blind.

Interesting I’ll have to check out more of his work. I heard the 45 degree jab from a Robert Reich speech a long while back. Always stuck with me, and really hit me when I jumped into the world of manufacturing and how insane corporate culture is with their imaginary idea that the resources needed to make their products will always be abundantly cheap on a finite world. It all ties into what I see as the “corporatization” of mega churches as businesses.


An earnest JW explained to me that scientists have shown that the planet can support 20 billion people. Of course he didn’t have the sources for this assertion at hand but did offer me a watch tower as a consolation prize. He also explained that god created a paradise and that it is all Eve’s fault that it was lost. Having just lost my wife I thought my head was going to explode. This site claims our current population is 8 billion and is growing at 1 billion every 12 years. I didn’t see the calculaton for the death rate. World Population Facts - Population Matters