Why do you think

I surely can’t be the only atheist who is puzzled when theists come here, and post as if they expect, nay demand, their superstitious beliefs be paid the kind of reverence they give them? All the while sneering at atheism and atheists. One could be forgiven for imagining some of them yearned for the time when what they were offering was not a choice.

I shall quote the Hitch again, as he had a way of cutting through the guff, that combined with a command of language few could match:

“Many religions now come before us with ingratiating smirks and outspread hands, like an unctuous merchant in a bazaar. They offer consolation and solidarity and uplift, competing as they do in a marketplace. But we have a right to remember how barbarically they behaved when they were strong and were making an offer that people could not refuse.”
Christopher Hitchens

Well that is often how I feel when I meet one these sneering contemptuous apologists for superstition, like I am being sneered at by an unctuous snake oil salesman.

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Stick to the topic, I can see it’s hard (especially when you apparently have no ability to make a rational case without calling people names and cursing in front of children) but you could at least try. If one doesn’t know what one is searching for what prospect is there of finding it?

The argument stands… (Quite obviously a human body.) Really, Diversion is all you have? Poor, poor, theist. You asked for clarification and I gave it. Argument stands.


It’s not debating when you’re purposely here to troll.


At last, someone with testicular fortitude! OK that’s a position at least which is more than can be said for some of the other tawdry characters here.

Yes, the God that created the universe and everything in it. By “relevance” do you mean utility? material utility to you, or something different? Why care? I have no idea, what decides whether you care about something or not?

Oohh more name calling, and you were doing sooo well.

Why would I search for something I can not and do not define? Oh, wait! You mean gravity, electricity, the strong and weak nuclear force, atomic energy, solar power, disease model of medicine, etc. Everything you know of was once something that could not clearly be defined.

Oh no! I’m just admiring your mad skills. :scream:

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He was responding directly to your post here:

His response is at least as topical as yours. Why are only you allowed to sneer and insist others answer your loaded facile questions?

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What a bizarre question to ask me, I never said you should.

Ahh you are doing well! What you now speak of is called discovery not searching, there’s a difference.

We can discover God, I did anyway.

Why not? I got the impression that insults, insinuations, name calling, a few “fucks” and “cunts” and other expletives for good measure and little helping of ridicule is how you guys discuss things here, so I can do that too surely? Couple that with the fact too, that I’m better at it than a lightweight like you.

Do you actually look like the pompous stuck up little prick I see in your avatar? you sure sound like it.

Curious. How was it that a so called former atheist such as you discovered “god”?

@Tin-Man didn’t call you a name - but we do have freedom of expression which allows for subjective personal characterization.

IF there are “children” reading this in your presence then you’re responsible.

I raised kids with a “pass the fucking potatoes please”.

AND they received a new swear on their birthdays ending on their 16th when they could officially say fuck.

EDITED: the “cunts” are from the Aussies on the forum. As a Canadian, I got use to it.


Please share. Which God did you discover. How do you know it is a god and not some advanced being with godlike technology. Are you asserting you have the intelligence to distinguish between an advanced being with godlike technology and an actual god? How can you do that? I know I can’t. What makes you think you can? I am an atheist, I am saying ‘I don’t know and so far I do not believe any god claims I have heard.’ You on the other hand, have the intelligence to distinguish god from non-god. You can identify what is to me the unidentifiable. How do you know the god you experience is actually a god? Please share.


You think reason is best served by “testicular fortitude”? That might explain why you seem so genuinely impressed by your own sweeping bombast.

Which one are you claiming (without evidenced as yet) that is?

Yet you feel minded (I’d say high) to keep telling atheists what they ought to think, oddly incongruous.

He didn’t call you any names, only referred to your gleeful if misplaced trolling in that post.

I don’t believe you, but then since this is yet another unevidenced anecdotal claim should we really be surprised.

What an odd thing to say, you believe you can post arrogant sneering trolling, and no one will reciprocate?

I don’t think you are champ.

No, that’s a mirror, it seems your true colours were bound to surface.


I translate you for you, you toffy nosed pompous windbag it means BALLS dimwitt.

It seems the last veer of pretence at debate is sipping away.


Yes I could see you were slipping too, never mind take a rest and see if you feel better in the morning.

You should be a stand up comedian. I’m amazed just how much of a joke you’ve been this entire debate. Look at you go lol :laughing:

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Is that why you resorted to relentless name calling and trolling, and ignored all the post content, yet again?

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