Why do you think

You learn something new every day.

That’s why I like spending time on forums.

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Nu uh, s’near your funny bone see…that’s the beauty of science it explains Latin n’stuff… :wink:


Yes. JESUS! Come Jesus! Raise the dead.

That’ll be one fucked up moment. When the dead start crawling out of their graves.

The “Zombie King”.

I’ve interacted with a lot of historical personalities in my mind. Two come to mind which were pricks.

Albert Einstein was full of himself.

Jesus was extremely fucking arrogant and judgemental. And he doesn’t give a fuck about you WAY.

He wants to suck the life force out of your soul so that he can keep his pathetic spirit alive in the after life.

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Cognostic said
“Seriously - What is your POINT?

Have you ever said, done or thought, anything of anyone else that you knew was exactly what you hoped was thought, said, or done of you? Or, have you ever not passed judgment on anyone for a wrong you or someone else had done?

Where in the hell are you going with this? It is a vapid line of inquiry. It’s as fallacious as Comfort’s ‘Have you ever told a lie.’ To which the response is, ‘Have you ever told the truth?’ What possible conclusion do you imagine you can draw from such nonsense?”

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Oldman_shouts_at_cl said:
“To whom is this addressed? Or is it a random unconnected post unconnected to any reply elicited by your first post?”

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Now that I have your attention, what objective evidence (if any) can you demonstrate for any deity? If the answer is none that’s fine, I’d prefer a candid response to a misrepresentation of subjective belief as objective evidence.

Well? I am still awaiting a cogent reply. Asking a question about any regrets I have does not evidence a “truth” at all. A universal human emotional experience is not evidence of that which you claim.

Well? where are the facts?

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Mind telling me what you mean when you say you want objective evidence that can demonstrate anything and the implication of it?

That helps. Thank you @Sheldon

In asking that, are you admitting you have no sufficient evidence of any kind for the existence of your god or any deity for that matter? Some examples being: Are you able to demonstrate the gospel Jesus’ promises from the New Testament by drinking snake venom, healing the sick, moving mountains, bringing the dead back to life, or anything remotely like that? Have you invented a science that can prove the existence of a deity? Yes or no?


You’re more than welcome of course. Now where are we on that demonstration of objective evidence?

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@Sheldon Why don’t you define what objective evidence is and what that implies. We can understand each other’s definitions and their implications.

Oh sure i have personal miracles. I was driving fours away from my mom’s house. I was driving up a hill and fell asleep behind the wheel. I woke up just in time to my hands moving the steering wheel left (away from the direction of the cliff). If it would not have happened i would be dead that day 15 +years ago.

I was running one snowy day and as i was running i had not noticed the four wooden steps along the path by the river were icy. I only realized it when i glided on the steps without falling and at that moment i thought how is this happening? It defied laws of physics i kept running as if I had not just gone through the icy strps.

Those two moments were miracles.


1.(of a person or their judgement) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.


  1. the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.

That can be explained entirely by natural means, nothing in that claim is beyond natural law or science to explain? So by definition it is not a miracle.

Sorry but that doesn’t defy the laws of physics, it is of course an anecdotal claim, and whilst I don’t doubt your sincerity, this is hardly compelling evidence and certainly not objective evidence that anything happened that cannot be explained by natural physical laws or science.

You do know that a miracle by definition is an argumentum ad ignorantiam fallacy, not have a contrary explanation does lend credence to a claim or belief.


There is a hypothesis of “quantum immortality” wherein YOU did die in both instances but your consciousness tunnelled to the closest alternative universe in which you DID not die.

It’s often talked about online, usually under the headers of “Glitch in the Matrix”… BUT the “quantum immortality” isn’t the only option to explain “glitches”. The “matrix” itself is one “simulated universe” where you were just “uploaded” again after you died. There are lots of untested explanations for subjectively perceived weirdness.


As yet, it’s not falsifiable…

Oh please. Not even close. I’ve had a few things that were similar happen and by no means were they miracles. Are you going to answer my questions?

Well…it will be a miracle if that happens…

Edit to eat my Jesus shaped potato chip

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Hahahhah! oops, I peed a bit there…
Uh, being an old guy with a very active and varied past, I have had days when there were a dozen such incidents as you listed and that was just a Tuesday for me.
Your “bar” is rather low don’t you think?
But, thanks for the smile I got from that. Uh, by the way, you should probably avoid hanging around old guys like me too much as you will be completely disabled by the cognitive dissonance you would experience witnessing so many “miracles” in one day…

(Edit to watch old Kathryn Kuhlman videos)


I gotta tell you, when I was a Christian I interpreted the world through Christian glasses.

Imagine wearing a pair of green classes. You put them on and everything in the world has a green tint to it. Christian miracles are a bit like this. There is a shitload of stuff that happened in my life, that I once attributed to miracles.

Once my brother pushed me while I was riding my bike. My throat fell on a picket fence. An inch closer to the inside and I would have pierced my throat. As it was I only have a nasty scar on my chin. ITS A MIRACLE.

Once as a passenger in a car, out for a ride with the boys, hitting a curve at 50mph, the back seat door that I was sitting at swung open. It was the hand of the lord that stayed me in my seat and kept me from flying out the door. 'Praise The Lord. ITS A MIRACLE.

I liked to climb on roofs as a kid. I was once headed to the top an a two story A-frame, when the roof tiles began slipping, and me along with them. I fell off the second story and landed on a picket fence. Both knees trapped between the spikes on the fence. My head swung down and missed a concrete sidewalk by half an inch. The result of my fall was two scratched legs. God was surely watching over me that day! ITS A MIRACLE.

The fact is that shit happens to us all. It is only the fact that you are wearing the God colored glasses that you attribute everything going on around you to this God thing. Before you can attribute happenings to the God thing, don’t you think it is reasonable to find out whether or not it is real. You are working backwards. You have asserted the god thing is real and then you attribute happenings to it. The actual way to go about this is to see things happening and then ask yourself why?

People that steal bikes from their little brothers do get pushed onto picket fences. Sometimes they die and sometimes they live. People who take turns in a car going 50mph don’t always fly out the door when it was not closed properly. People who fall from roofs and nearly miss being impaled on a picket fence get to live to climb another day. Those that land on the fence die, or are paralyzed for the rest of their life. That’s just the way the world works when you are not looking at it through a pair of God glasses.