Why do Christians lie about the Bible?

I had an acquaintance get upset when I stated that the Christian Sky Father endorsed homophobia via murderering homosexuals, slavery, the murder & torture of children, misogyny & rape being that women have to marry their rapist, animal abuse via sacrifice, genocide, and the predicting of neo-cide in the book of Revelations on non believers such as Atheists and Pagans.

He completely denied what I said and claimed Christianity didn’t endorse any of those things on my “laundry list” as he put it then called me a wicked person, that Revelations warned of our kind, and that I was going to hell.

When you described the buy bull god via the “good” book, well shit - it didn’t match up with the sky-daddy he wishes was there :cry:

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A reaction to be expected from that audience, in my experience.

The important mission has been accomplished, though - the communication of such information in the dialogue.

Sometimes you’ll get obstinacy; occasionally your interlocutor’s view will be affected or questioned to some small degree, whether they admit (or realize) it or not.

And wickedness is a highly undervalued quality, in my humble opinion.

It sure does seem like a lot of theists claim to believe the bible without even reading the damn thing. What you stated are in fact things that are said in their “holy text”. They’re either too lazy or too stupid to read it.
One of the reasons I don’t believe in any of their bullshit is because my wife has been going to bible “studies” for years. How many times can you read the same fucking thing, and have other people get a completely different meaning from it?

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Most christians do not even know the bible in it’s entirety. When I went to church the dude on the pulpit has his sermon, pulling quotes out of the bible. He was picking and choosing his passages to comport with his intended message. Those who brought bibles took them out, went to the referenced passage, and nodded their heads in assent. But they never read the entire bible, they just read what they were told to read.

Which leads to a very interesting phenomena, that many atheists converted by reading the bible in it’s entirety.

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You know that feeling we get when involved in a debate ,discussion ,conversation
,argument … row … with a theist…

You know the one … that feeling of wrestling fog.
That feeling that the other side is not quite there .

You’ve marshalled your arguments , planned the encounter…
brought up your sources assembled your references… a Napoleonic enterprise …
only to discover your opposition is Ralph Wiggum.

Well this may account for some of it.

“Many Christians struggle to read the Bible on their own - study”

Over half (57%) of the 1,002 US Protestant churchgoers surveyed by Lifeway Research said it was
challenging to make sense of the Bible when they read it on their own.

“Churchgoers are ready to defend the Bible as true and as a faithful moral standard,”
said Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research.

"“Reading and studying as an individual is important, but we need others to help us think through
what we discover,” said Dwayne McCrary of Explore the Bible.

“Studying together also allows us to gain insights from others that move us forward in our study
as well.”

"…over three quarters (81%) were confident they could help others with doubts about the
truthfulness of Scripture. "

“For a religion claiming a basis in God’s Word, it’s surprising to see this many practicing Christians
giving their own word priority in their beliefs,” said McConnell.

There it is … "57% of the sampled church goers said it was
challenging to make sense of the Bible when they read it on their own. "
More than half can’t / don’t understand it.

then again … “we need others to help us think through what we discover,”
So their views and opinions are not their own … they have to be told what it means?

and yet "81% were confident they could help others with doubts about the
truthfulness of Scripture. "
So whats this ? the blind leading the blind ?

“it’s surprising to see this many practicing Christians
giving their own word priority in their beliefs,”

aint that the truth…

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“Does that come as a surprise? he asked, rhetorically.”

They may as well add “…and make suggestions about what we should understand about the stuff we don’t understand that fits their narrative…”
WTF happened to “divine revelation”?
There never seems to be a Holy Ghost around anymore when you need one.

Then again, that Olde King James English is as thick as Shakespeare but if Shakespeare was good enough for Jesus its good enough for me, if I could only follow it.

That ending is where you go okay thank you I’m glad to know where great friends! No. But on a serious note telling people, they’re wrong is almost always going to end in an argument. There is a psychological reason for this but I don’t remember why of the top of my head. There are ways around it but you got to come at them from a different angle or you trigger a natural defensive position. It’s tricky.

I wouldn’t let it worry you, he might as well be threatening to put a curse on you. :grin: :innocent:

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I don’t feel bad. I believe my life improves a lot more for every Theist that I run out of my life.


Just a bit too much information at one time I suspect. Perhaps if you started with something simple, like, Those pictures of Jesus aren’t actually Jesus.


I’m not going to lie, this is disconcerting.

Sorry Sheldon, I should have sent you a PM to warn you I was gonna fling a bit of poo.

Isn’t the poo the message?

Well, I wrote the message on the poo… so… I guess we could say, “yes.”

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But it’s there in his book. It is blatantly obvious the Bible is full of homicide and other bullshit commands.

How can he deny this? It’s right there in text in that book and all he would have to do is look it up and read it.


Hmmmm…:thinking:… I wonder… If: A. They truly are not aware of the things you mention… and/or… B. They sincerely and wholeheartedly believe the things they might tell you… Then - technically - are they really lying?

Granted, ignorance is no excuse, especially when it is WILLFUL ignorance. However, for them to seek these passages and read them as suggested, it would mean they would have to face the possibility their god is not as “benevolent” and “loving” as they want it to be. From my experience, most cannot handle that possibility. On the other end of that spectrum, however, there are the ones who are FULLY AWARE of those passages and use them to their own personal advantage to justify some of the horrendous shit they do “in God’s name.” Ain’t religion fun? :blush::blush::blush:

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Let’s be happy they don’t all apply those rules, for the last one living would be a Christian who should kill himself for the killing he has done.

In the USA, if a person acted on a literal interpretation of the bible, they would be in jail within 24 hours for serious crimes.

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