Why do Christians get upset about death?

Why do Christians get upset about death when one of their relatives passes away?

Why get sad or angry? Shouldn’t they be happy that their relative is with their imaginary friend in la la land? Or do Christians know that death is final (there is no heaven) and just don’t want to admit it?

If they’ve gone on to a better place, it would have to be selfishness that makes them cry and be angry, eh?

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I don’t know. Christians are a confusing bunch. When someone says “they’re gone and I’ll never see them again”, it makes me think that their beliefs aren’t genuine.

I think but I don’t dare ask them to their face out of common decency: " won’t you get to see them again in the hereafter since that’s what you believe?" So I think it’s all down to just wishful thinking on the xtian’s part. I’m thinking if they really believed, they wouldn’t be so ripped up about it. Shouldn’t they be happy that their relative or friend is with their god now in whatever it is they believe?

But I can understand those emotions. I would be upset that I would never see someone I loved again and I’d be pretty certain that was the last time I was ever going to see them.

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Most christians are indoctrinated to continually think about death. As an atheist I rarely ponder my demise. But it is in their holy book, the weekly sermons mention death continually, and the penalties involved. And for many christians, there is that nagging concern … am I going to go to heaven or hell?

There are ways to manipulate people, the advertising industry knows it well. There is ego (god loves ME), greed (72 virgins) and fear (hell). And the well-polished religious industry practices this every day, to great effect.

If you continually think about death, you are ripe for religion to insert it’s manipulative tendrils.

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