Why do atheïsts rely so heavily on science

Is that English? Wtf is mister Evador?

Answer quickly please as I fear your trolling has a very finite shelf life, and White’s already got her rolling pin out.

Actually the invitations haven’t gone out yet, a bit like your testicles I suspect. :smirk:

Welcome to Atheist Republic Ego-burst, I hope your time in here is productive and one we all learn from.

Interesting name, did you select it to describe your mission in life? Or at least, in here?

Are we sure this isn’t the thread author with a shiny new account?

They do seem to be kindred spirits judging from their posts.

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@Ego-burst I shall de-activate this account and re-activate your previous account, which is “The-matrix”.

I am allowing you 24 hours to manage this change, then it will be performed.

Lol - hate to burst your Ego, Matrix my man… you are demonstrably not very clever…


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This going on my CV…:sunglasses: shows prescience bordering on clairvoyance.


Before the boys understood that sound travels, they thought I had all sorts of “magical” powers bwahhhh haaaa haaaa :smiling_imp:

Shall we change your name to Sherlock, oops, Sheldon Holmes? lol


Is it true what other’s are saying?

Is this a sock-puppet account just for attention?

If you are also the @The_matrix why the name change?

Clearly he felt the urge to create a second account after the first was banned, so he could pretend to be someone else defending his asinine opening post.

I must admit it’s pretty hilarious, albeit unintentionally on his part.

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It seems that way. But I have offered him an alternate path, to resume as “The_matrix” so honesty and transparency prevails. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Ego-burst is no longer capable of posting.

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Suppose you’re unable to differentiate between your possessive pronouns and abbreviations of you are?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting drilling a hole in your skull isn’t a worthwhile experiment, what’s the worst that can happen? I’d suggest a diamond tipped drill for anything that hard/dense.

Wow…you really make “science” come alive. Though sadly I fear your experiment may have the opposite effect. Still, if a job’s worth doing etc…

Why do illiterate retards who don’t know what a possessive pronoun is for, make the hilarious mistake of calling others retards?

I guess it’s there (sic) business. :laughing:

Now I have read his OP again, I have a new theory as to why he wanted to pretend he was someone else.

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I guess so.

Well that’s good.

Hope he comes up with something actually more intelligent though.
I truly believe in science before anything a book tells me like the bible. Made that mistake for 47 years or damn close to.

Same with me. Many in here are recovering from religion.

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Well no harm in hoping I suppose…

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Now let me guess

First post is a semi literate ad hominem attack.

A happy clapper of some kind?

Oh, It’s “you’re”,ya muppet .

If he does, it will be as “The_matrix”.

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Greetings, Matrix,

To briefly answer the question posed in the subject header, not every Atheist uses science, as Atheism only answers one question: whether one has or lacks a belief in a God.

For those of us who use science, we do so because it is the only game in town for understanding the only “town,” which is the Natural Universe.

And what science reveals about the human brain is, like The Transformers, “More Than Meets The Eye.” I believe it was Carl Sagan who pointed out that the number of possible combinations of neurons connecting across the dendrites makes it impossible for any two human beings to ever be 100 percent alike. It numbers vastly more than the known stars in known galaxies of the Natural Universe.

With all that in mind, we have lots of subject matter to study and all of us can be both geniuses in some areas and, to use your term, “retarded” in others.

(Parenthetically, when it comes to mental abilites and development and their infirmities, to my way of thinking, the only real acceptable terms are “healed” and “working on it.”)

Sorry to take so long to reply.

It in ways is a hard recovery as there’s still concepts which my mind would like to keep a hold of. But I realize just how much evidence exists to support those concepts, so letting go of them is kind of hard. But when I think about it thoroughly I would not want to live forever anyways.

So I enjoy what life has in it, as that’s probably all there is.