Why do a majority of Christians hate goats?

I get what it says in the bible about Jesus not liking goats. Whenever goat is brought up as a joke to a Christian, they take it offensively. But why should a religtard get that wound up over being called a goat?

Perhaps they have the impression that if they’re called that, it refers to G.O.A.T., ‘greatest of all time.’

A filthy, sin riddled human cannot be the goat, therefore. Such is the way of blasphemy!

Only the father, son, and holy something or another can be that. Ah men.

My understanding is that it was Roman Tradition that led to the Goat being the the representative figure of Satan. The story goes something like this…

The Romans who lived in the city would tell their children; ‘If you are not good, the evil god of the heathen,’ (Pan - a half-man half-goat god of the forests who lived in the heaths outside of Rome; hence the word ‘Heathen,’ those who live in the heaths.) 'will come in the night and take you away.

As Christianity grew, the Satan character became associated with the night raider of little children, Pan, and of the figure and character of a half-man, half-goat.

Our modern Satan is as much a fairy tale as is the ‘Apple’ in the Garden of Eden. Another Roman invention. No fruit is mentioned in the Bible and yet, because of the Romans and their belief in Apples being fruits of passion, that was the fruit that ended up in the garden to tempt Eve.

How the goat’s head and the pentegram started; I don’t know. I think that is just later mysticism. The Pentegram itself is as old as Sumeria where the symbol was used to represent the human Physical body and Elemental form, for example… Head, Arms and Legs is the physical and Earth, Air, Fire and Water is the elemental. It was also used by early Christians to represent Christ’s five wounds.

It made sense that later occultists could invert the pentegram as they did with the cross, in rituals. The inverted pentegram will show a five pointed star with two points facing the top. These are now claimed to be the horns of Satan.

Without the pentegram first being used to show the wounds of Jesus, head, wrists, feet, the inverted pentegram would probably have very little meaning. As it is, horns, ears, beard, and inverted represents Satan, the Goat like figure of hell who is not in the Bible.


Because goats are b-a-a-a-a-a-a-d.


Uh…I’m gonna go out on a limb here.(cause that’s where I like to sit)…I think perhaps it could be the old thing of distancing oneself from someone or something of which you have known “biblically”…

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Eliphas Levi published the first rendering of Baphomet in 1854 in a book he wrote about “magic”. It has a pentacle on its forehead and was based on the god Pan.
It was also called the goat of Mendes and was later used in an inverted pentacle by Satanists.
Don’t forget where the origin of the “scapegoat” came from, the fucking bible.


Loud groaning and soft mumbling…argh…

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