Why Are Theists So Closed Minded?

So many of them claim they are opened minded, yet can not open their minds to facts like there’s like 3200 religions worldwide.
Some theists believe in Christianity which is just one in 3199 other religions. They refuse to except there’s too much of a lack of evidence to prove their god.

Yes similar subjects have been posted, I just wanted to post one myself and see what other atheists think.

It is human nature to carry prejudices and cling to known comfortable ideas. For example, many citizens in the USA tenaciously believe they are better in all areas over other nations and cultures.

In the case of religion, it also carries societal pressures. My father was a Mason, and without a doubt, that ensured job security and a place in the society we lived in. So it may be more than difficult to ask someone to consider an alternative when it may lead to loss of status within the community, possibly loss of a job, maybe even death.

My father was also devoted to our family. So should he ponder religion, or stay safe in a comfortable world, where his family was safe and secure?

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I say the hell with social pressures I go my own way. If I care not to believe in a deity that should be my choice. I just can not find anything solid to back up any deity.

Of course there’s no sufficient evidence that there’s no god for sure, just a lack of evidence that one exists.

So I would have to agree. :wink:

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Fievel, I laid out just a few gentle examples on why theists cling to their “beliefs”.

There is pride, who wants to be proven wrong (and a fool)?

Many have invested everything in this nonsense. Many holy people have zero job skills, a roman catholic priest isn’t even qualified to mop the floor at McDonalds.

Fear, many of us are aware that the threat of hell is incredibly powerful, and to abandon any hope of an eternal life is unacceptable to them, especially when it has been promised to them. Pascal’s wager works on them.


Hell would be to live forever as I can not imagine what I would do with myself for an eternity. Even if I still have to continue to learn, and have ordinary fun with my body. That would still get old after a few million years.

My own parallel universe would be nice too, but even that would probably get old after a few million years.

In any-case I don’t think you or I care that we don’t fit into a society believing in a god. Unless actual evidence surfaces for a god I will of course remain an atheist.

I could probably train to be a minister and do a good job at it, but I don’t believe in it, so it would make me a hypocrite just wanting a paycheck. It would be a good paycheck, but would be being paid for something I do not believe in.

I doubt either heaven or hell actually exists.

EDIT; I love your posts.

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I agree with you that some theists are not openminded, and believe in their religion because of faith not intellectual reasoning.

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When I was a theist, I had reasons for believing in god. Mind you, looking back, it wasn’t good evidence, but I wasn’t stupid nor unreasonable. I just had my mind made up and knew what “I knew to be true”. I was also one of the lucky few on earth that had the truth about god and wasn’t deceived by Satan. I was also careful of the world and well aware of the many ways I could be mislead.

What are you on about?

There’s no good religion they can all go to hell… you misunderstood.


God may not be disproved but not doesn’t make a god real for sure either.


How did I misunderstood, explain please?

I am assuming you think I chose a god? NO.

Actually I dropped one, and went to none.

No, I didn’t say that you chose a god or believe in god, I was saying I agree with you that some theists are close minded.


Oh ahhh, dahhhh. LOL. Thanks very much. There’s nothing after your name and also i am stoned. (Atheist) at my name yours has nothing.

Oh, I thought mines says theist, because when I signed up it asked me if I was a theist or not. But yeah, I’m a theist.

Meaning what?

That you believe in something?
A Theist can be lots of things.

If Atheist come out and say it.

Meaning that I know certainly that their is a creator of the universe that’s the first uncaused cause. In the English language I would call that God.

Sorry but I do not.

If there was a god then he must have been drunk when creating the universe. Much of it happened in (Possibly) random lurching manner.

In other words mostly random and did not even get to us until it was over 9 billion years old to just get around to earth and stuff.
We are only 4.5 billion years old. That means the universe was here for 9 billion plus years before earth was even here yet.

Kind of throws off the 6 day thing.

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If your talking about 6 days meaning 24 hours each day than I agree with you. And when you say random, what do you mean?

Whatever man, there’s still no good evidence to prove any god.

Question, if you believe in a god, why are you here?

Oh, I’m here to talk with atheists. I was bored in quarantine that I was like I wanna have some chat conversations online with atheists, that’s all.

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What is your criteria of evidence? If that makes sense.