Why are female preachers allowed?

who wrote Titus? It was NOT the same author of other epistles. So why
would we follow its advice?

“Paul” (whoever he was) claimes to have spoken to a dead jewish messiah, according to “Paul” …I think that is pretty delusional


Evidence of what? Your argument. There is life, therefore God. Demonstrate your god caused life. Demonstrate your god caused anything. Demonstrate your god is a thing at all.

HELL? Do you even know it’s origins? A Christian invention to scare little children. We aren’t little children. I know well the evolution of your concept of hell. It does not even exist in the OT or in Jewish pre history, Persia or Egypt.

Where are you finding these steril surfaces? Life is forming all over the damn place. Demonstrate the universe is a steril surface. I have already evidenced the fact that it is not. The building blocks of life have been found on asteroids.

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There appears to a disconnect here. You have been dis-proven well atheist have. Earth was created and none of you can show one iota of physical evidence to disprove this? The disconnect is why you are speaking at all? Even your thoughts are lies predicated on only one of two earths and Both of them I have disproved under pure science alone.

Because This Universe is sterile and sterile producing. neither an eternal unsterile earth nor a sterile formed earth is plausible under truth AND reality.

Given every atheist reticence to even attempt to disprove the real science presented here (through Fear or whatever), under physical evidences instead of the same old scientist opinions, mans opinions and your opinions. How can no one understand every thing they say is based in its entirety on delusions and lies from their very birth. The God is proven the one I serve and awaiting for some atheist to put up the evidence to prove otherwise based on real science … which doesn’t exist. because none of it was predicated on the REAL Earth, the created one.

I mean I willing to discuss reality with anyone, but you need to speak in reality not in ignorance of delusions, lies, imaginings and beliefs that you could not support or prove even if you had a scientist sitting next to you. If you have real questions I’m here, otherwise don’t bother talking at all. I know it is difficult to speak in reality when you’ve never lived in it. but sooner or later you are going to have to try.

As to the Bible … look talk about something you actually know.

Oh, dear… (wringing hands together nervously)… Oh-dear-oh-dear… I’m afraid I have some bad news for you, Mr. Author, and it bothers me to have to tell you. But it’s only fair you should know that there are a couple (or three or five or so) people on here who likely know waaaaaaay more about the bible than you’ve ever known… (still wringing hands nervouslymuttering to self)… Oh, goodness… Why do I always have to be the one to tell them?


Oh snap, you think of that all by yourself?

Well, damn. You got me. I confess. I had to Google that shit. Fuck! I was hoping nobody would notice.

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I must have missed that post; could you tell me the method of proof you used? You know something like: proof by contradiction, proof by exhaustion, etc?


Thats like someone lying & saying they are rich; because saying you’re rich doesn’t make you rich. It is the same example as trying to argue a god into existence while giving no empirical or objective evidence.

I think the situation is more like this regarding evidence:


And now I have given you physical evidence that completely debunks your physical evidence. I have completely demoloshed your position. So, why are you still here spouting nonsense. Everyone sees that you are just wallowing in bullshit and aimlessly looking for a way out. Atheism is the only option avialable to you at this time. If you stick a slide rule up your butt, raise your right hand, and swear fealty to ilk of scientists who have dragged us forward and out of religion, your mind can still be saved.

From the foundations of human existence the central question (claimed), is the one which asks, where did we come from, and how did existence get here. Its answer while available in every timeline, was only possible to be answered 65 years ago. I arrived on this site yesterday, and immediately set about making things right, to lead those whom wish it opportunity to leave the false reality they had been given for 2.6 millennia. To do this it was necessary to disprove Atheism outright. to prove Earth was not only created but created by The God, and there is only one.

I eliminated Earth Reality, earth Science, Earth Educational System and earth Beliefs in this way.

He is your God but okay; (this was in response to a question asked I then asked) are you of scientific inclination? That is to say do you understand the difference between REALITY and DELUSION?

Under even your definition we have the following reality in evidence and demonstrated on earth everyday.

Merriam Webster: Definition of sterile

free from living organisms and especially pathogenic microorganisms

Tell me how your scientist got life on a sterile Earth how your scientist got and eternal unsterile earth in a totally sterile Universe?

Then pool all your friends, relatives, Doctors, even scientist themselves and ask them If the International Space Station has been sterile on its outside for 21 years, after continuous contamination by unsterile uniforms of Astronauts. and space instantly sterilizes them every time they leave the Space Station. How delusional must humanity be to claim Earth was ever formed sterile! Indeed, had earth really formed sterile, it would still be sterile in 2022, as this Universe is sterile and sterile producing.

disprove that, and yes you can use all the scientist on Earth … I’ll be waiting, to lead you to God when you’re ready.

Psst … Earth was created! God bids you and all welcome.

So you think it’s a cover up? :astonished:

The entire time you’ve been here, that is actually the FIRST THING you have said that is actually TRUE. You have most CERTAINLY eliminated Earth Reality from somewhere in your head.


No,no,no, that implies I have a belief. I don’t have beliefs any longer. This makes talking with people almost impossible. Every subject, every thought, are from an existence that never has existed. Example, the questions, about religions, science, scientist, space and every other ideology, are entirely predicated on false realities themselves. This is why I’m not disprovable. Not because I am genius, not because I am humble, not because I am arrogant. Simply because everything that comes at me is based on lies themselves. Only I possess the truth in 2022, and that will he shown soon. but until it does I present myself here, for the doubters whom are necessary when reality is destroyed. I am under obligation to put myself out there, ready and able to shut down, every challenge every lie, and every deception created from the onset of the alteration of reality under mankind’s scientist, whom began as philosophers. that they were all philosophers alone established they were thinkers alone, not scientists, and this is why science never existed in the first place, and still does not today, except under the discovery of it under few in history. Of those few only I am using it today.

if everything you have ever known is based entirely on delusions of scientists from the beginning, and one comes along disproves them all! Honestly what argument is even possible for those whose lives are impacted under these lies over 2,646 years, 624 B.C-2022 C.E.

This is why by just attempting to get earth to exist with life upon it IN THIS UNIVERSE … is scientifically implausible at its base, solely because this Universe is sterile AND sterile producing which does not ever allow unsterile in its embrace. this establishes Third earth existence, not eternal, not sterile but … created! proven under pure science alone. 36 plus million professionals pulled into court and threatened with perjury, must side with me, including scientist themselves. As I am a Chemotherapy Nurse (Retired) and sterile is intimately understood under us all!

Understand if you can’t account for earth existence at all, what questions can exist? You must have earth and you must have Life. You have neither because earth isn’t capable of existence today except under created and not a sole on earth has predicated anything no this … ever. That is, until now and until me.
You have an entire internet before you, disprove me and see the futility in it. the only question you need to seek is … exactly under reality itself, not guess, supposition guess, or opinion How could an unsterile planet exist in This totally sterile Universe under any other method BUT created. Remember the International Space station which could not exist in open space unless, we put it there to house the LIFE WE CHOOSE to deposit upon it! Earth was done in this same way. But, here’s the rub … it doesn’t make any difference the whom, until you have the understanding of its reality. Then and only then will your mind open up to truth, and beliefs, ideologies, guesses, conjectures go right out the window, and Reality i where you begin to exist. It does not allow questions, just answers.

Test me and see. As i expose every question every doubt as simple illusions of lies provided to you under scientist for two thousand years.

@TheAuthor You need to start backing up your assertions. Please prove a god.


He just did…in his mind.

Unfortunately those of us who have paid attention to the latest from the Webb telescope and formerly the Hubble we can begin to recognise the vastness and variety of the universe which a product of the fifties would find amazing.

They might even be incredulous and convince themselves that the “earth” is a very special planet that was created especially for our life form.

Well, that is bollocks. Callissea has attempted to educate the twat, but here he is again repeating the same tired claims and asserting that his wild claims are somehow proof of a christian triune god. Now that is even more bollocks with a cherry on top.

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