Who else has a normal mind?

Okay, I find this very strange. You answer this series of questions and if you end up with a certain answer you’re considered to have a “normal mind”. I’m apparently quite normal :slight_smile: . I’m just surprised at how predictable humans must be. I generally think of people as fairly unpredictable so this was a surprise. Check it out if you want. I’d love to know who else here is normal :stuck_out_tongue: .

Spoiler alert……
Don’t read further if you don’t want the answer.


The math portion will always result in a four. Ergo, the D
There are only a handful of countries that start with D. Denmark is the most well known.
An elephant is the most commonly thought of animal that begins with an E.
Elephants are grey.

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ahhhhhhhh So that’s the trick. I was surprised that I had a “normal mind” :slight_smile:. I certainly don’t have a mathematical mind.

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Since I am in the Americas I tend to think Dominican Republic rather than Denmark.
Bird brain says Egret.
Clearly the test is biased against white birds…:triumph:


Exactly. And here’s the very simple math:

You choose a number N. Double it, which gives you 2N. Add 8, which gives you 2N+8. Divide by 2, resulting in N+4. Subtract the original number (N), which leaves you with 4. And 4 corresponds to D. And the next letter is E.


Kudos to Backward Hat guy in the use of his suggestion techniques.

It sort of makes me nostalgic for the old project life.

Hustlers need to practice, too.


Democratic Republic of the Congo
Dominican Republic
Duchy of Parma, The*

Thinking of a country whose second letter isn’t E would be unlikely. Animals beginning with E other than an elephant is a better bet:

  1. Earthworm (a worm that lives in soil)
  2. Echidna (a spiny egg-laying mammal)
  3. Eel (a snake-like fish)
  4. Eelpout (a bottom dwelling fish, aka Burbot)
  5. Eft (terrestrial stage of the Eastern Newt)
  6. Egret (a long-legged water bird)
  7. Eider (a sea duck)
  8. Eland (the largest antelope)
  9. ‘Elepaio (a Hawaiian bird)
  10. Elephant (the largest land animal)
  11. Elk (a large deer)
  12. Emu (2nd largest bird in the world)
  13. Ermine (a small weasel)
  14. Escolar (a deep-sea Snake Mackerel fish)
  15. Eulachon (a smelt fish, aka candlefish)
  16. Euro (a kangaroo-like marsupial, aka Wallaroo)

Yup, nailed it. And I always thought I was Abbynormal.

Totally normal. Yah. Uh :neutral_face: yah.

NOPE! Me not normal! YAY! :smiley: Yellow eel from Denmark. Well, maybe just 1/3 normal. Otherwise, completely fucked up, which is the way I prefer it. :crazy_face:


Re: Ames Window

Okay, I admit, that one really messed me up. :exploding_head: