Which type of Secularism do you prefer?

  1. French Secularism - Completely seperating Religion from the State and keeping Religion only in private matters.

  2. US-Indian Secularism - Respecting all Religions equally, with minimum seperation of Religion and State.

I personally stand for the French Version. But as an Indian, it will be difficult for it to implement because of the country 's huge religious dominance but I hope people would be more acceptable to secularism in the future.

Obviously US-Indian Secularism is a huge fail. I does not keep politics and religion separate, and we now see violence and crazy shit going on.


There is something to be said for a Religious state. A religious monarchy. England has one and it’s largely Atheist. Hmmmmm?

The political right/ Republican party used to be fairly grounded in reality until the 1980s. The post-Reagan Republican mothership, further and further marginalizing moderates, maintained accelerating velocity toward becoming the party of Christians whose members hold more and more extravagant supernatural beliefs.

Greater religiosity in the U.S. now correlates with voting Republican; as long as this party remains one of our major ones, religion will retain a strong presence here, in my opinion.

This isn’t me necessarily slagging off one party or another - it’s just the state of things now, IME.

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Christians are going to end up cutting their own throats. \

1 Christian denominational families
2 Christianity – 2.6 billion
2.1 Catholicism – 1.345 billion

|2.1.1|Independent Catholicism – 18 million|
|2.2|Protestantism – 900 million-1 billion|
|2.2.1|Historical Protestantism – 300–500 million|
||Anglicanism – 110 million|
||Baptist churches – 100 million|
||Lutheranism – 70–90 million|
||Reformed churches (Calvinism) – 60–80 million|
||Methodism – 60–80 million|
||Adventism – 22.30 million|
||Restorationism – 7 million|
||Anabaptism – 4 million|
||Plymouth Brethren – 1 million|
||Hussites – 1 million|
||Quakers – 0.4 million|
|2.2.2|Modern Protestantism – 400–500 million|
||Pentecostalism – 280 million|
||Nondenominational Christianity – 80–100 million|
||African initiated churches – 60 million|
||Chinese Patriotic Christian Churches - 25 million|
||New Apostolic Church – 10 million|
||Local churches – 1 to 10 million|
||Messianic Judaism – 0.3 million|
|2.2.3|Eastern Protestant Christianity – 22 million|
|2.3|Eastern Orthodoxy – 220 million|
|2.4|Oriental Orthodoxy – 62 million|
|2.5|Non-trinitarian Restorationism – 35 million|
|2.6|Church of the East – 0.6 million|

As soon as they figure out is is not their denomination that is in power, the Christian wars begin.


Do you know by any chance where they put Ethiopian orthodoxy in this list?

Indeed, this is one of the reasons I am moved to laugh in a dark and sardonic manner, whenever mythology fanboys rail against secularism.

Most of whom are too stupid to realise, that secularism is the reason they’re allowed to cling to their absurd beliefs in the first place.

None of them paid attention in their history classes (assuming they attended any in the first place, of course) to the manner in which rival bands of mythology fanboys spent the best part of 1,500 years slaughtering each other in Europe, until the Enlightenment and secularism put a stop to said murderous mayhem.

The two basic principles that apply here being, for those who need the baby steps:

[1] You may choose any belief system you wish;

[2] You may NOT force others to make the same choice as you.

That second part is the part that really annoys a certain brand of mythology fanboy. The brand that thinks it purportedly possesses a “divine right” to force everyone else to conform to the tenets of one particular choice of belief system.

What most of the requisite wannabee theocratic brands of mythology fanboys fail to realise, is that it’s these two principles of secularism, that stop them from becoming embroiled in a vicious, internecine religious “holy war” launched by a rival set of theocratic mythology fanboys.

They also fail to realise another aspect of their idiotic and malign yearning for a theocracy. Namely, that in the violent contest to rise to the top of the greasy pole, there is no guarantee that they will be the ones that rise to the top, and start subjecting the rest of us to their Inquisitions, torture and mass murder. Instead, they could learn the hard way, that a different group of ruthless theocrats rises to the top, and that they are the ones occupying the dungeons instead of operating them.

But we all know, of course, that basic reason and a grasp of elementary concepts tend not to be found frequently among the mythology fanboys.


They are apocalyptic.

Yearn for their “great day”, believe we’re in the “last days” and all sinners.

You really think this “group” is going to work towards IMPROVING human well-being and easing suffering??? Whaaaaa and create a better world without “god” needing to “clean it up”?

The more vulnerable, poor, ashamed, and isolated a person is, the more likely they are to fall under cultish spells 🪄


I definitely prefer French Secularism, the only places religion belongs in is buildings of worship and the homes of religious people, not in politics!

I prefer the type of secularism that doesn’t have all the religious crap mixed in with it. :grin:

That is exactly my opinion! Religion is meant to be a private thing, when it gets public, it messes up everything