Which animal do you see first?

The head of a tiger only. And it’s somewhat small leg/paw.

Monkey hanging from the branch.

I’m messaging you both. Don’t say anything.

The cockatoo.


Feeling a bit left out here. Where the hell is the TinMan???

You two dipshits… seriously :unamused:

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Monkey first, followed immediatly by the puma, The rabbit took a bit linger, The bird was last unless you want to count white cat eating marshmallows in the snow storm.

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I saw the monkey first.

I saw a lion eating the head of a monkey that was shitting a bird into the mouth of a rabbit. Should I seek psychiatric help, or am I beyond hope?

A tiger eating a monkey.

Welcome @Archveult ! I hope you enjoy your time here in the forum.

For your brain :brain: I’d say you’ve come a long way babbeeee :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ahhhh. I just realized that the 5th animal is a guinea pig.

Monkey swinging from a branch…

Obviously he meant, “Trying to eat a monkey.”

A girl with big tits.

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Been watching too much “Armageddon”, huh? :joy::joy::joy:

And this one? :face_with_monocle:

I see Jesus Christ… dressed like the Grim Reaper… with a demon dragonfly hatching from his head…

Okay, what do I win?

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