Where's the lounge?

Did something happen to the lounge? It’s not on my screen all of a sudden.

You were silenced so were knocked down to Trust Level 2 for six months. Access to the Lounge requires Trust Level 3


You’ll have to keep posting, eventually you’ll get back up to Level 3. Happened to me before. In any case, the way this forum software does it reminds me too much of certain web sites, where you have to keep posting to protect your “streaks”. Which means that it’s more about keeping people posting rather than giving lasting privileges to prolific posters.


I’m probably responsible for 10% of the server storage on my own … :smiley:

Though I’ve chosen more recently to use Google Docs as a means of improving the brevity of some of my posts. Just as well given that some of the docs in question exceed 40 pages … :smiley: