What is the biggest lie?

What is the biggest lie in human history if not the promise of a loving god and an afterlife? I can’t think of anything else that is on the same level as religion. Religion is responsible for centuries of hatred, racism, genocide, and warfare.
Is there anything else that comes close to this?


Your check is in the mail.


The notion that humans aren’t animals.


I can think of some others:
“Blood is thicker than water.” Generations of stupidity as people actually believe they are attached to their families. You don’t choose your parents. And parents, certainly don’t choose the kids they have. It’s all a fucking crapshoot.

America, “Land of the Free,” Comes Fucking close. The United Police State of America is more like it. (US Marshals Service, US Coast Guard, FBI, DOJ, Secret Service, Customs and Border Patrol, Drug Enforcement, Federal Protective Service, Immigration and Customs, ABC, Air Marshal Service, National Park Service, National Park Police, Homeland Security, US Capitol Police, Transportation Security Administration, National Security Administration, US Postal Inspection, CIA, Amtrack Police, NCI, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, Diplomatic Security Service, Federal Reserve Police, US Mint Police, IRS (A private company) Criminal Investigation, NOAA, Office of Criminal investigations, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Marine Corps Investigation Service, US Air Force Office of Special Investigation, Supreme court Police, Department of Defense Police, Bureau of Indian Affairs Police, Office of Justice Programs, Defense Logistics Agency, US Port Authority, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Federal Bureau of Narcotics, Pentagon Force Protection, Bureau of Land Management, US Department of Interior, Coast Guard Investigative Service,

Now for the Local stuff - I’ll just use California as that is where I am originally from.

CA. Breau of Investigation, Special Agents
CA Breau of Fire Arms, Special Agents
CA Breau of Forensic Services, Special Agents
CA Breau of Gambling Control, Special Agents
CA Breau of Medical Fraud and Elder Abuse, Special Agents
Highway Patrol
Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation
CA. ABC Alcohol Beverage Control
State Fugitive Apprehension Teams (Special service unit.)
Dept of fish and game.
State parks police (Peace officer… Haha , my ass.)
State dept of Toxic Substance Control, Criminal investigations.
California Motor Vehicles Investigators division.
Cal. Department of Insurance Investigators division.
CA Franchise Tax Board
Department of Consumer Affairs (All the frigging good they do!) Investigation division.
Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Law Enforcement)
Department of Health care Service, Investigation division.
Department of Health, Food and Drug, Investigation
Department of Health and Human Services Agency.
Department of State hospitals Police

Every city has its police department.
Every county has its own Sheriff’s office.
Every university has its police department. Or they have a satellite contract with local agencies.
Every major corporation has its security department as do housing complexes, office buildings, supermarkets, department stores, etc.

You are about as free in America as you are in China. The difference is that we don’t typically kill you in this country. We ‘set you up for a fall,’ lie in court, toss you into the legal system until you are broke, beat down, and can no longer fight, charge you and force you to accept a plea, then fine you and incarcerate you. That is American Justice at Work.

There is no Justice in the ‘American Justice System’
If you think there is Justice in the Justice System, you believe a lie every bit as big as the one being told to Christians. We have an Adversarial system of (1) unconstitutional overcriminalization (2) point‐​and‐​convict adjudication; (3) near-zero accountability for police and prosecutors due to qualified immunity.

NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE: They do not protect the public. They work for the state. Nothing you say to a police officer can ever help you. Be quiet. Say nothing. Wait to talk to your attorney. (That’s what the police do when they are accused of a crime!)

What other Lies are we living by?

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Can’t agree Cog. “Free” to do what???

Human trafficking
Child porn
Child labor
Illegal labor
Drunk driving (speeding, general negligence)
Drugs (cartels)
Mafias (all sorts)
Food quality
Product quality
Illegal hunting
Exploitation of nature

Jesus fuckin’Christ Cog :gear: we’re talking humans here - NOT chimps :monkey:

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If America is such a corrupt, authoritarian country, then why do millions of people wish they could live here and risk their lives to get here?
Sounds like you had a bad experience with law-enforcement, is that why you live in South Korea?

America is a corrupt authoritarian country - BUT for good reason.

Because their countries are just as corrupt but they’re poor :disappointed:

American “poor” still have TVs, phones and utilities - garbage service and a semblance of care for the little guy.

Sounds like he knows the American way of life. Guns, God and grift…

I’m almost 63 years old, and while I agree that 99% of all politicians are scumbags, not all members of law-enforcement are dirtbags. This is still the greatest country on earth, in spite of all the corruption going on in our government.
By the way, don’t you live in Canada?

Yup. And best advice to my boys… NEVER “talk” to the police (call the lawyer) and always comply with their demands (whether you think they’re fair or not - that is not an argument you will win).

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A step up is a step up, even if it’s just to a slightly less sucky place.

That’s no reason to not call it out. You can be the best country on the planet and still suck.

We must strive improve or it will only get even worse.

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Lol. A subjective assertion only made by some Americans (while wearing ??? MAGA hats)

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I respectfully disagree. In Canada, we have a multi-party system where I have more than just two options.


Free to find a better way to deal with this shit. What we are currently doing is not working. “That’s obvious.” Corruption has run amok and it is getting worse. (Cite: All the recent looting and civil unrest.) The police state is not working. All we can do is sit back and wonder, “How bad is this going to get?” I don’t have an answer but the problem is very clear.

Some good moves have been made in some parts of the country. The end of ‘qualified immunity’ for police officers. The end of road piracy, ‘Civil Forfiture Laws.’ Police watch groups beginning to hold the assholes out to rob you accountable. First amandment activism.

Free to keep the Legal System in its Legal place, “Serving the People” not 'Feeding off the People."


That doesn’t really make much sense. It all depends on what metric you use.

If your metric is the size of the military and resources put into it, then yes, definitely (although North Korea would also be a big competitor here). But that would be a strange and cherry-picked metric. If it is the growth of the economy, China would win hands down. If you use a metric involving subjective touchy-feely measures and “patriotism”, then yeah, probably. But any other reasonably run country where the inhabitants have strong feelings about their country and culture would also be a candidate, and would “win” in their local area. You could use happiness levels, financial stability, climate, or whatever, and the definition of the best country would be completely subjective.

Or you could use the UN Human Development Index, in which case the top ten would be: 1) Norway 2) Ireland and Switzerland 4) Iceland and Hong Kong, China, 6) Germany, 7) Sweden, 8) Australia and Netherlands, and 10) Denmark. USA would be ranked at number 17, just behind Canada and Belgium.

There are other metrics, but they too tend to put the United States way down the list.


One of my all time TV moments. You younger folks would be amazed at the bullshit stories I was told about the Communists when I was a child. The exact things that we do in America today. Land of the free, my ass. Land of government approved TV stations, controlled news, and every effort that could possibly be made to take over and control the Internet. Oh… back to that TV Moment…

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How does that clown Trudeau keep getting re-elected?

I wouldn’t put Australia on the list of countries that have freedom anymore.

Mine was black, not red.