What if h.p. lovecraft was right

What if he was right, and we ALL are wrong? What if neither heaven nor hell are real? What if whoever/whatever created the entire cosmos 13.6 billion years ago was the “OLD ONES” from his Cthulhu Mythos?
If this is true, then everything that has ever existed in the entirety of the cosmos was created by Azathoth, the blind idiot-god. That would mean that the Old Ones, Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, Hastur, and all of the other “Gods” are real and will return when the “stars are right” to re-occupy the earth. The entirety of the human race has been and will always be “utterly insignificant” in the cosmos. We mean absolutely nothing to them, just an accident of biology. We will all be snuffed out like a tiny candle light.
I’ve read everything that H.P. Lovecraft has written, and I would believe this before I’d ever believe in any “benevolent” god that has created the universe. I believe that in the time scale of the “big bang” to our current existence, we are and will be totally reduced to nothingness.
There’s nothing fucking special about the human race, the natural forces at work in our universe could end our existence in the next 10 minutes, or 10 days, or 10 years. We’ll have absolutely no chance of stopping it, or even knowing when it will happen.
To all the theists that may by some chance read this, get over your self, none of us are special, we don’t mean a fucking thing in this enormous universe.

Interesting speculation but I have zero evidence of any sort to confirm this proposition. Even more interesting is that even if it was true, there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.


Ancient man only knew what they could perceive, from horizon to horizon. And as mankind opened up by exploration, they constantly revised their picture of the cosmos from a valley between mountains to a continent, to a globe, to a solar system, to this galaxy, finally to what science is aware of. With the exception of flat-earthers, even the theists have accepted this ever-changing world view. But just like their ancestors, they stop at the known boundary of this known universe and do not allow their imaginations to consider that this universe may have originated from something before the big bang.

Fortunately science has not stopped and there are tantalizing propositions they are exploring what was before the big bang.

Wow… the fallacies run deep with this one…

Shall we start with, “Created.” Do you have any evidence at all for a “creation” event of any kind?

Next we jump to the ‘whoever,’ and while you politely tag a ‘whatever’ onto it as an addendum, you proceed to answer your own rethoriical question with “The Old Ones.” (Woooo, Old! That must mean important!)

And one day the great priest Cthulhu, will rise from his dark house under the waters in the mighty city of R’lyeh, and bring the earth again beneath his sway. Then he and Rat Shit’s, Evil One, can rent an arena someplace, charge admission and battle it out.

If Azatoth was more of an idiot than Yahweh, how in the fuck did he create anything. Yahweh has tried over and over and over again and still hasn’t gotten anything right. If Yahweh was a trainee at MacDonald 's, even after 2000 years, the only thing they would allow him to do is sweep the floors after the rush. You are trying to convince me that there is a greater failure out there than Yahweh? The idiot god who chose a drunk incestuous dirtbag to begin his new world? You mean someone more idiotic than the asshole who thinks he has to kill his own son to forgive and forget? You really think there is someone more stupid out there. Really? I don’t think so. The asshole that invented original sin? The moron who wrote the Big Book of, “Do as I say but not as I do?” The mastermind who gave you free will to love him with your free will, completely and more than anything else, or burn for eternity in a special place he has made just for you. You can not convince me of another idiot existing as fucking stupid as the God of the Christians, Jews, and Muslims, Yahweh. HE IS A FUCKING IDIOT!

And that my friend is exactly why you are so miserable. You don’t get it. What is special about this world is what you bring to it. Nothing out there is trying to be ‘special’ to you. You aren’t that fucking important. What’s special? As unimportant as you are, you get to be. You get to suck in one more breath of air, see one more cloud pass over head, taste one more drop of rain, experience a tear, or howl with laughter at the utter and complete insanity in which we exist. The most amazing thing in the fucking world, is, you are here to call the world and all you see, “nothing special.” Now isn’t that special! LOL…

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Exactly, my point is that in the grand scheme of existence, we are meaningless. The only meaning in life is to do the best you can with what you’ve got. The concept of a god that grants us eternal damnation or happiness was invented as a way of dealing with death. Most people can’t or won’t deal with the fact that we all die, and that’s it, game over. There just has to be an after-life. Says who?
I’d believe Lovecraft’s or Tolkien’s stories as real history before I’d ever believe in any kind of “loving” or benevolent god as the creator of everything.
If I do sound like I’m miserable, it’s because of years of chronic pain and numbness that really came to the fore front yesterday with one of the worst pain flare ups I’ve ever experienced. Depression and thoughts of suicide come and go, but right now, with the weather we’re having here, it’s creeping back into my daily thoughts. I think I need to talk to someone about it. I only get to see my mental health counselor every 2 weeks, right now, I don’t think that’s often enough.

Fascinating! One of my favorite things to do is to go out in the weather and just sit. Dress as warm as you can and go out into a snow storm. Lay in the snow until I’m covered. California thunderstorms were awsome. A perfect night for a jacuzzi. Just lay there and watch the rain, wind and lightening. When I lived on the beach, the summer thunderstorms brought powerful winds and huge surf. The best time of the year for a walk along the beach. Yea… I have always been this way. Some of my earliest memories were chasing dust devils in Kansas. I love watching tornados. So much power and destruction. I can’t see, how the weather in all its forms, from sunny days with blue skys and wafting clouds to the dense grey fog that covers the world with a blanket of silence, is energy infusing. You are not your thoughts. Change your mind and you change your world.