What happens after we die?

Also, I’m an atheist so I just want to hear some scientific explanations for the answer. Any other good resources to the answer might be helpful.


Lots happens after we die. We’re just not around to experience it.


Then why are you looking here? This is a forum to debate the existence of god/s, not a science text book. I’m a bit concerned about your question. It presumes something DOES happen.


You enter the same state that you experienced before you were conceived.


Well, in many instances there are expressions of sadness and loss by others, vulture funeral arrangers swoop in to get their cut, some semblance of ceremony usually takes place,
disposition of the body is dealt with, either through burial or cremation, and various methods of coping are instituted to help those having difficulties with the absence of a loved one.
Absent cremation, decomposition begins soon.
Without embalming, the body would begin to nourish other life forms through that decomposition in short order.
The impacts and influences one has on others often continues despite absence. This fact motivates some to believe that the person themselves still exists in the “ether” or some such… since memories remain for the survivors, that manifestation of a person continues to exist, as long as the memories do.
There has never been any evidence presented which conclusively demonstrates anything “after we die”. Since we have no examples of life after death or consciousness absent a functioning brain, there is no reason to believe that anything “happens”. The time to believe there is something else would be when good evidence is presented.
The default position has to be withholding belief, absent evidence in support of a claim.
For me, I find it staggeringly arrogant to think that I will continue on somehow, as if I am deserving of even more than the amazing and marvelous series of events that led to my existence in this fragile old body…
While some, apparently, have a hard time accepting mortality, I find it has given life even more meaning and value, knowing it is finite.
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Your body is typically broken into pieces and consumed by other living organisms. Presumably, there is no mystery or controversy about this.


No one knows. Best evidence appears to suggest, “All brain functions stop.” you are your brain functions. Ergo, you stop. This would be my best guess. Poetically, I like the idea of all my atoms returning to the universe from which I came. We are the stuff of stars. I find that amazing. I am the universe. Like a very famous puddle, I appeared in a space that happened to be there where I could appear. I pretended I was special, and it was made for me. Until I was no more.


Wait…do you mean that you pretended it was made for you, or you only pretended you were special, but it was made for you?
Perhaps you indeed thought you were special and doing so made it happen ex post fac-to?

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Or perhaps, I thought I was not special and in so doing made it happen, ended up just being a speck of human existence (whatever that is) in the unimaginable vastness of all that is. (Have you ever noticed how ‘limiting’ a ‘god thing’ concept actually is?)

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What happens after I die? That’s an easy question with an obvious answer. I instantly become debt free.

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When you weren’t alive, before you were born I mean, what was it like?

For me it left no impression at all, so I’d need to see some compelling evidence that when my brain eventually dies, as it must, that I will experience anything at all after that.

Oh, and welcome to AR by the way.


I think it will be the same way and manner that this life came about.

Atoms and molecules in our body like anywhere else, will continue to fall apart and recombine and when conditions are once again right and favorable they reassemble in another way , and the lights come on again. Not as the same person of course , but as other living beings whatever and wherever it may be.

I’m of the opinion that we’ve been dead before and when we die again, it’ll be no different than the previous conditions prior to being conceived and born.

There’s no established proof of any of this that would settle the matter, but I would say it certainly could be considered a fair educational guess.

I would tell theists and the like that this really is the afterlife, and enjoy it while you are alive if at all possible before you once again return to the state prior to ones conception and birth.

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My favourite actor said the following: “Those that love us, will miss us.”

And that’s it. After decomposing, or being largely burned to ash, we will be in the Universe’s great recycling bin and the atoms that currently comprise our bodies will be redistributed for inclusion into other things. There is no such thing as a soul, or a separate entity of sorts that encompasses what is currently “you”, such as consciousness . That is simply a function of the brain.

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A quote by Keanu Reeves as he was being challenged. “So what do you think will happen after you die?”

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I think the correct response to that question is, I don’t know what you mean by…“after I die”.

Well we know the physical brain exists as an objective fact, if anyone wishes to violate Occam’s razor by adding that for which they have no objective evidence, then why would I care?

I don’t generally make assertions lightly. If you wish to go the other way, that the brain is somehow more than it’s evolved function, separate from it’s body, then I would place an enormous amount of scepticism in your camp, rather than the simple explanation I suggest. Occam’s razor, indeed.

Why do you think your explanation is simple? How did you rule out spirit without engaging a black swan fallacy? The brain is simply a receiver of universal consciousness. Different reviewers receive differently and if you damage the receiver, you damage its ability to interpret messages from the universal consciousness. The brain is physical and our thoughts and actions originate in the realm of ‘spirit.’

An analogy may be sight. All the conscious states that you are allowed to access are limited by the structure of your materiality, i.e. your body, brain, and your nervous system. You are simply a receiver. Without a properly functioning visual system, you can’t experience sight. You can not see, nor interpret, light waves that exist in the universe. Without the proper receiver, you would be blind to color. So it is with universal consciousness.

Now, How did you rule out, the brain as a receiver of that which is spirit?

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Are you seriously proposing that there is a supernatural element to consciousness? That neurons receiving electrical impulses are more than simply doing just that?

Are you seriously proposing that there isn’t? How did you rule out the supernatural? Please demonstrate. You are the one who asserted: "

Demonstrate how you have ruled out the supernatural. We both agree it is a function of the brain. You are asserting the brain creates its own consciousness and I am asking how you ruled out the brain as a receiver. One of us is making assertions and the other is asking questions. Can you guess which is which? While we are at it… “How did you solve the problem of hard solecism?” That will probably be next? How do you know so much about this world we live in? I’m curious to know.

There has never been, nor, I suspect will there ever, be any proof of the supernatural. If you are making the assertion that there is, then I can’t continue with you. I work from the premise that there is only what is. I don’t work from what is not.

Good luck with that.