What does it take to fit in around here?

Can non-random fun ever be random? If not can randomness or non-randomness fun co-exist in a falsifiable form? Would that make it appropriate for the debate forum? Can we have Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the moon playing in the background?

Skrit buddy missed you. Where have you been?

“I’ve been here and, I’ve been there and, I’ve been in between”…
Thanks for asking…
Reality has come to call and, as far as I can tell, it is as stubborn as it has always been. As has often been and likely will continue to be, my abilities to accept the undeniable and manage my emotional responses to such, appears to be the extent of my sphere of influence.
I am continuing my work in the area of low impact self-flagellation and hope to conquer the issues of age-related deterioration and social invisibility very soon…
I have missed you as well…


Oh… The feather-brain child has returned?.. (pulling out umbrella and opening it)… Glad I kept this thing handy. Been wondering when I would have to start looking out for poop bombs again. On the plus side, at least you have shitty aim. (See what I did there? :grin:) Still, as the Boy Scouts preach, always better to be prepared.

Of COURSE they are joking. Duh! I figured it should be OBVIOUS that I am WAY more intelligent than AI. The only reason I let @Cognostic and @Canuk write my prompts is because I am helping them develop their own “intelligence”. It’s been an arduous and lengthy process, I agree. But that’s just the kind of pal I am. @Old_man_shouts_at_cl is just jealous because he missed the deadline for the open enrollment course I offered. With any luck, he can hop onboard next semester.

Remember, Doc, you are fighting for FOURTH place. As I said, I already hold 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the intelligent humor category. In all fairness, though, I do have to agree you would be in “first” place among the others here. See? I give credit where credit is due. That’s just how humble I am. :innocent:

Edit to add:

@Jimbo In this particular case, listen to what Old Man says. He speaks words of Great Wisdom.

Intelligent humor? Oh hell! I didn’t know we were shooting for intelligence. Here I am talking about bananas and all the time, I should have brought up something about mangos.

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Hi! I’m not looking to fit in anywhere.

The first poster I’ve put on ignore, I’m pretty sure I can get along for a year without seeing another pointless vapitude from @RichardtheRaelian.

There is an ignore setting? It doesn’t matter I never want to miss a good post.
(tapping toe while scanning the sky with a pensive expression)

Ah…that’s probably best…

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I don’t reach for the ignore button with even the most egregious discoursive offenders. I welcome the opportunity to subject bullshit and lies to a full broadside of Katies. :slight_smile:

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Ordinarily I would agree, but when confronted with @RichardtheRaelian’s endless posts that had neither point nor merit, an endless slippery slope of irrelevant vacuous vapidity, without the pretence of discussion, let alone debate, I decided to leave his vapid merry go round. If anyone reads something he posts they deem of worth or value, something of merit to be discussed or debated, let me know, and I shall reconsider.

My expectations are not high…

I don’t do it for the benefit of the usual suspects. I do it for the benefit of the wider audience, so that they know that bullshit and lies do not pass here unchallenged. :slight_smile:


I’m never wrong. Anything that I say is wrong, is to be blamed on Santa because he made me do it… :smiling_imp:

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Another unwanted attack on the jolly old elf. Well @MrDawn guess which column your name will be going under? (Hint: it won’t be the one labeled nice)

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