What does it take to fit in around here?

Debate me if you like. I have concluded that it takes three things to fit in around here. Everyone who has been here for any length of time seems to have these qualities.

  1. The ability to admit you are wrong, and change your mind.
  2. The ability to understand that people have different opinions and simply respect the opinions of others, and move on.
  3. Finally, the ability to not give a shit about anyone’s opinion, show up, ramble on, disappear, show up again, ramble on, and vanish again like the rats we all know and love.

Those unable to self-evaluate, or completely ignore, don’t make it.


A good list, I’d add these.

  1. A willingness to pursue the truth, objectively and without bias (an open mind), and only base belief on sufficient objective evidence.
  2. A desire to examine all ideas critically.
  1. The will and ability to learn, including from mistakes of others and those of your own making.

I would say that basic intellectual honesty is all that’s required.


I respect honesty and factual information. Many members here are self-aware and have come to levels of self-acceptance.
The blending of so many perspectives and personalities- when presented honestly makes me feel like I know the person. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: well - as much as reading text allows…
Seems sorta rare these days that facts and honesty are values over self-delusion, magical thinking and egocentrism.


Those are all wonderful! You can probably figure out that I promote: Don’t act like a complete asshole.


Another important one:

Don’t proselytize. This is a debate forum, not a pulpit.


I have always been incomplete…what are you going to do? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :wink:

oooh ooooh oooh, now that’s profound… :wink:

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Sigh….when you least expect it…:smiling_imp:


Completely incomplete?


You assume I am acting. :innocent:

Speaking for myself, only partially incomplete. I have no desire to be an over-achiever. :triumph:


  1. I am never wrong. I simply change my mind sometimes.
  2. I have the inability to understand the different opinions of some people, so I simply move on.
  3. Why should I care about shit opinions of other people who ramble on and on and on and on and then vanish? (Oh, and I don’t ramble, by the way. I simply like to exercise my extensive vocabulary and grammar skills.)

Also, I stopped self-evaluating years ago, because I always ignored the results of the evaluations… (scanning back over my remarks)… Hey, what do ya know? Looks like I fit in fairly well around here. :blush:


Wouldn’t that mean I didn’t exist at all? Lets test it, I drink, therefore I am…based on yesterday, I am. Good day watching the HC rugby final, but my poor poor guts… :smirk: Ah well no gain without pain…

I would add, don’t take yourself too serious and find something to giggle about everyday.

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I certainly agree with ‘laughing at one’s self.’ The stupid shit I can still do and say amazes me. The older I get, the less I know. Or is that my Alzimers?

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Not Alzimers! It must be just normal aging because it happens to me more often. If I remember to laugh then it can’t be too bad, right? RIGHT?

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I wish I knew just half the shit NOW that I THOUGHT I knew during my younger years. I’d be an absolute GENIUS! :nerd_face:

Lucky for me I get a good giggle every day when I get out of the shower and look down at my-… Er, uh… Oh, uh, never mind… :grimacing:

Yeah, I know what you mean. I keep that nude of you getting out of the jacuzzi at the egg nog party a few years back on my bathroom wall. Whenever I take a pee, it always makes me laugh.

I was so glad to see that questioned posed. My experience as a fully-outed full on Sam Harris-style new atheist has been frustrating. Despite all the polls showing the rise of the “nones,” more and more churches closing, etc., I’ve found that being a capital-A Atheist remains incredibly isolating. Let me be clear: I don’t give a shit about that. But it sure would be nice to share my thoughts and observations and experiences concerning atheism with like-minded folks. But judging how this thread immediately devolved into mockery and a complete lack of seriousness, I don’t think I’ll find those things here.
What does it take to fit in, indeed.

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This is location dependent, in my experience.

Living in Chicago, it was a non issue one way or the other.

During my time in North Carolina, it was eventually a deal breaker for living there altogether.


Are you suggesting that humor or silliness have no place in discussion?
Are you suggesting that a conversation that is serious (not sure how you’re defining that but I’ll assume it means to be without humor) is more valuable?
Are you suggesting that folks haven’t the ability to see through comedic rhetoric to the meat of an idea?
Are you suggesting that your style of atheism has no room for anything other than brow-knitted and intense debate?
Are you suggesting that the folks here who “devolve” in what they write are unable/ unwilling to participate in meaningful discussion?

@Jimbo, what you would actually find here is a mix of folks, each with different opinions, styles, backgrounds, etc. who get serious, get silly, challenge others and themselves. The regulars here have ONE thing in common - no belief in gods. If your expectation was to find clones of yourself (or of Sam Harris) then you are correct, you will not find that here. If your desire is to be surrounded by only like-minded people, then I suggest you find a room of mirrors.