What do you think about The Ark of the Covenant

I just discovered this site a week ago and I loved it!
Right now I’m an agnostic atheist and although most of the religious claims sound silly to me now there is one thing that keeps me awake at night. I remember warching a show named Ancient Aliens ( please excuse me if it’s pseudoscience) a while ago that claimed that one biblical artifact ( The Ark of the Covenant worked more or less as a radio, and that doubt has stuck with me since then. Do you believe it’s a mere coincidence or could it perhaps be aliens? As a newbie, I look forward to meeting you and hopefully befriending everyone on this forum.

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Complete hogwash in every respect.


I don’t think you have to excuse your being entertained by Ancient Aliens any more than I would for being a huge admirer of Frank Herbert’s Dune series or Douglas Adams’ HHGTTG. At the same time such explorations as Ancient Aliens from a theological or Biblical perspective would be an unfortunate one, IMO.

So, no. Not a radio. I just got here myself, so, nice to meet you.

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Watching Ancient Aliens for the dumb entertainment it is: That’s OK, although somewhat questionable.
Taking Ancient Aliens seriously or as a reliable source of factual information after being made aware of its hogwashness: You deserve to be scolded and ridiculed.

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Welcome, Gale.

An alien radio?

What evidence is there to suggest the Ark existed? Has anyone seen or found it (outside of ultra-pseudoarchaeologist Ron Wyatt, of course)? Is there a standard of Alien Radio Transmission Frequency to compare the Ark’s transmissions with?

Has anyone ever encountered the aliens associated with the Holy Radio (outside of Pam in the trailer park being interviewed by local news in her bath robe, of course.)

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Welcome to AR, enjoy.

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How would you or anyone know 1. Did anything called the Ark of the Covenant actually exist? " Despite being an integral part of Ethiopian Orthodoxy, the nature of the Ark’s supposed guardianship at Aksum has made the church’s claim to ownership unverifiable. Most historians think that if it existed, the more than 3,000-year-old relic either disintegrated over time or was destroyed


Can you demonstrate you are talking about something real and not just a story in Jewish folktales?

From the article:

“The ark of the covenant cannot be displayed because it would incite extreme Jews to blow up the Dome of the Rock and cause a terrible Middle East conflict.”

Uh yes, that sanctuary of peace and tranquility must be maintained at all costs.

“Christian archaeologists do not acknowledge Ron Wyatt’s claims because of jealousy.”

Yes, educated people are always jealous of charlatanssss.

“The Jerusalem laboratory which analyzed the blood is reluctant to produce the results because they conflict with their religious beliefs.”

Sure, religion dictates secrecy of that which would confirm itself.

“The video pictures of the ark of the covenant were seriously blurred by a haze.”

Dammit, I hate it when that happens!

“I was an eye-witness of Ron’s tape of the inside of the cave,” he writes. “I wasn’t with him when he shot it, but I saw the tape not very long afterwards.” Of course, the ark was “covered by a brilliant white light which hid it from the camera as Ron panned around the cave.” Still, the purpose of Thain’s testimony was “to help strengthen the faith of some here whose confidence in Ron’s word may have been shaken.”

Well, I’m certainly convinced…

Edit to try and remember where I put those photos of that stupid grail…


What is a coincidence? That people who believe in magic make magical claims? I don’t think that is a coincidence.

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Is it when things don’t turn out the way we subjectively expect them to?

'Course we all know that the Ark of the Covenant is stored in a massive U.S. government warehouse.


Definitely aliens. The only rational conclusion is that aliens made a radio and gave it to the Jews 6000 years ago. The only question is why?