What do atheists think of animal cruelty in the food industry? Should humans go Vegetarian?

If a person thinks too hard about food it can
be hard to eat anything at all.

The ethics of impact on envitonment-
pesticides, destruction of wildlife, water and
soil issues, transportation distances etc.

Nothing comes for free in these regards.

Ethical choices in food are not about sentiment
Imo, but minimimum impact.
Creatures such as pigs snd chivkens are raised under
very inhumane conditions, i will not be a part of that.

Free range cattle can be raised humanely
with less disturbance to the envitonment
than plow and plant involves. I wont eat
beef anyway but I dont object if others do.

Seafood whether seaweed, mussles, oysters etc
can be raised sustainanably and without cruelty.

Personal note, the utterly callous cruelty of
Chinese wet market is right there to see, unlike
in a Western market where the consumer is
so protected from having to admit that a live,
terrified animal is behind that neat package.

Seeing markets is what made me vegetarian.

I understand that. But unlike the steady march of the evolution and hence the natural behaviour of animals, it’s like humans just came along and rushed things until they went out of control. Not that we’re all doomed. It’s just a huge break in a multi-billion-year pattern.

Yes I mean domestication. I was referring especially to the selective breeding of animals. Sometimes it just goes too far; even staying alive can become a burden on their bodies.

Nature is cruel, humans are worse.

Yes, true.

I think the same, to a certain degree I share your position.

If animals were eaten only for survival purposes (and maybe even for leisure while keeping the numbers in mind), I have no moral objection to it’s industrialization. But there comes a point in time when our innovation in breeding these animals for our uses goes beyond what would allow them to serve any real value to the world or themselves, all while being conscious of their fate.
There is over-production, over-consumption, inhumane treatment, unnecessary killing of thousands and thousands.

PETA does do some good. That’s appreciable.

I don’t think we differ too much on this. What do you think of the points I made?

What about us robot apes :’(

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Pretty standard stuff.

I need to repeat that the eating of animals is not a moral issue to me.

I have limited resources .Any time or money I have spare is used for humans. It’s not that I’m callous about animals. It’s just that I am unable to put their needs above those of humans.

In terms of PETA; you’ve obviously met a very different bunch than the shower I’ve met over the years. In a sentence; a bunch of shallow New Age wankers. I’m sure the ones you know are much less obnoxious. .

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I’m atheist and lacto-vegetarian, also don’t use honey, silk, wool, leather, fur and pearl.

Ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ha ha ah ah aha ha ha ah …
Sucks to be you!

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–am I meant to be impressed?

To be blunt, in an affluent society I find veganism when one has a choice to be more than little bit precious.

Yes, I know I’m a nasty, intolerant omnivorous old cunt. :face_with_monocle:

Wow, what’s your objection to wool, honey, and pearl, if you don’t mind me asking?

No animals (that I know of) were harmed in the making of this post:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Have another like, you made me laugh anyway.

That reminds me I must put steak and a brisket on my shopping list…

I had to look it up…

A lacto-vegetarian diet is a diet that abstains from the consumption of meat as well as eggs, while still consuming dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, ghee, cream, and kefir…

Why not wool or honey?

My boys make their own dietary preferences- but as far as I understand it’s been more to their taste, “liking” and body craving (what seems appealing).

Is it moral choice that has you sifting through animal products and human use?

For these two examples, they are the products from an animal. Animals do not die or suffer from the harvesting of those products. In fact, they are the end result of an industry. If that industry contracted, there would be less sheep and bees.

Even seen a sheep that was not sheared? It is harmful and unhealthy for that creature to carry so much wool. It becomes filthy, matted, and home to nasty critters. It can also impair the ability of the sheep to be mobile and the use of their senses.

Beekeepers create a safe environment for the bees, they protect them and take measures to ensure their health and safety. A beehive is a safer and more pleasant environment for a bee than in the wild.

No wool cause sheep get slaughtered but cows don’t (I mean in India). And I’m talking about the honey that is stolen from the wild.

They don’t get slaughtered for the wool? Indeed, as David explained, not harvesting the wool will directly cause sheep to suffer.

I’m not sure what point you’re making here?

So you eat farmed honey?

I have a friend who tried to go “animal product free”. It almost killed him.

To me, that sounds like Veganism. I could be wrong, though.

I would also think how they would fair on a blazing hot summer day. Not so good, I imagine,

@Nyarlathotep I have read many accounts of people trying veganism, to the point of almost losing their life, or becoming very sick, such that they require hospitalization. Yikes.