What are you reading?

Me: The Way of Kings (Sanderson), An Caisteal fon Mhuir (Bond), and a new cookbook.

The Art of Electronics by Horowitz and Winfield. I read this book from cover to cover about once a year.

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Boy George; Karma, An Autobiography

The Connected Iron Age: Interregional Networks in the Eastern Mediterranean, 900-600 BCE, Hall and Osborne

The Hollow Dead by Darcy Coates. It’s the 4th book in her Grave Keeper series, I’m about half way through it.
I’ve read a few of her other books, mostly about haunted locations/people and enjoyed them. I like her writing style, she reminds me a little of Charles L. Grant. I probably read 2 dozen of his books in the early 80’s. When I’m done with this book, I’ve got 2 collections of her short stories to read, along with 4 books of Halloween short stories sitting on my bookcase.

I’ve been on a binge, reading all the Jack Reacher books. I’ve also got Harrington on Holdem that I am going through, and I do a massive amount of reading at work. The reading at work consists of articles used as primers for writing assignments. Yesterday, I read an article (one among many) glorifying Sister Theresa. (I kid you not.) I had a few words to say about that to my class. (I told them the truth as exposed by the late Mr. Hitchens.) Then, I told them to Google the information before writing their reports and they were welcome to take any position they liked as long as their position was supported with facts and evidence.

Koreans are generally passive learners, and getting them to think or express themselves as individuals is difficult. They are great at memorizing and repeating. Applying and understanding is not a part of the education process. They are great at taking tests. However, you hand them a blank piece of paper and ask them to tell you about themselves and they will look at you blankly. “What do you want me to say?” “What is the right answer?” They always want to know the right answer. I always tell them, the right answer is the right English. It does not matter what you say, it’s all about how you say it. This frustrates them to no end.

I’m a big fan of the Reacher books, having read through the entire series twice now.

What did you think of the movies? I never could accept Tom Cruise as Reacher. I don’t know what the producers were thinking casting a 5’5" guy as Jack Reacher. I thought the casting of the Reacher series on Amazon Video was much better–that Jack Reacher actually looks like Jack Reacher.

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Yea… He didn’t pull it off.