What are you listening to right now?

Cult of Starry Wisdom by SULPHUR AEON.

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News for you, in case you’re interested:

Two days ago there was a fire at the black metal record shop Neseblod (“Nosebleed”), which is located in the same premises as the old legendary Black metal shop Helvete.

Source (in Norwegian), Google translated

I saw that, it fucking sucks. That place is basically where the Norwegian black metal genre started, it was an icon and tourist attraction for serious metal heads. A lot of music history is gone forever.

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Breathe Through Me by NAGLFAR.

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The Planets by Holst.

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Siegfried’s funeral march, Wagner…

Now, Sunny afternoon by The kinks…What goes down must come back up… :wink:


AnnenMayKantereit (AMK)

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Devotion to the Cosmic Chaos by SULPHUR AEON.

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Leper’s Grace by WATAIN.

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Red Tree of Blood by MARDUK.

Fantasia on a Theme of Tomas Tallis by Ralph Vaughn Williams.

Journey Told Through Fire from SWORN.

Reinkaos from DISSECTION.

Underneath the Cenotaph from WATAIN.

Total Funeral by WATAIN.

Primrose Hill by sons of McCartney & Lennon

Djevelen I Nord by NORDJEVEL.

"Stayin Alive’ by the Bee Gees and watching a woodcock dance to it…some good editing there. An oldie but a goodie and on that theme… It is also my significant other, BAE, whatever’s 80th today…sheesh. I told her I said “I never thought I would be married to an old Lady”. The ambulance people were so nice…


That’s the way they actually walk. :rofl:

Happy birthday to your partner! And I hope you recover quickly :laughing:

Baphomet from BELPHEGOR.