We're all mad here

Well, according to most “normal” people, there must be something wrong with all of us, otherwise none of us would be atheists. So that means that there’s something either wrong, or missing in our lives.
I know what’s wrong with me, I’m “abby-normal”, always have been. I’ve always loved monsters and scary movies and stories, and after 9 years of indoctrination in Catholic school, I’ve never believed a single word of that bullshit.
My favorite holiday has always been Halloween, and I’ve been a metal head for over 40 years.
I collect heathen/occult/Halloween/black and death metal concert shirts, Halloween items, and hot wheels cars.
I couldn’t be normal even if I wanted too, and I definitely don’t have any desire to be anyone/anything else. It’s taken almost 64 years for me to get to this point, so why change now?
What’s wrong with the rest of you heathens on this forum?

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Butterbeans make me fart. (And I LOVE butterbeans with cornbread.) That’s why I’m an atheist. No TRUE loving god would ever allow such a travesty.


Dating two practicing strippers in a row, then one Hooters girl, was something I did in my 20s.

Talk about a travesty of a way to live life. There’s few things more annoying than being bothered by jobless, jealous, video game addicted ex boyfriends … and they all had one.

There’s something wrong with a person who puts themselves through that, no question.

Edited for: just don’t do it.

They wrote a book about us, 'The Emperor’s New Suit." Normal people think its about an invisible suit and a gullible king.

If that’s the case, I’d stay away from Sugar Free Gummy Bears if I were you!

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I know what’s wrong with me: I’m a person with high-functioning autism, and as an autistic person, I tend to be very literal.

My tendency toward literalness–along with my social incompetence–means that I’m often ostrasized and excluded, which led me into a situation where I have to figure out things on my own.

My social incompetence, therefore, acts like a kind of vaccine that keeps me from automatically absorbing the opinions and viewpoints of everybody else.

So . . . my autism contributes to me being disposed toward skepticism.

I sometimes have problems communicating, so can you guys see my points?


You are autistic and you have points? There is a little fellow living under the banana tree that is just like you. Porcupines Give You 30,000 Reasons to Back Off | Deep Look - YouTube

Liar liar pants on fire! I understood you perfectly! :triumph:

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Hmmm… Reminds me of a similar incident I had in Walmart a few months ago. No gummy bears involved, though. However, it DID involve the female bathroom.

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I did as well, except we had eaten at Colton’s and I almost shit myself. :joy:

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Uh don’t you mean under my dress?

Edit: wig and stockings too


Completely off-topic, but the moment I read “Walmart”, I was reminded of this:


Yep. Sounds about right. :joy: