Welcome to this new room!

This room is open to everyone for posting fun, interesting, random items that have nothing to do with a/theism.
Remember, this is a place for fun, not squabbling.

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Anything fun?


Roses are red, violates are blue…

I’ve got a gun…

get in the van,


Always makes me larf that one… :rofl:

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What if one finds squabbling fun? Or if one squabbles in an entertaining or fun way?

Just trying to have some clarification here…


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Random fun?

fandom run
fandom urn
fun random
dunno farm
fund roman
fund manor
fad non rum
damn fun or
damn of run
damn of urn
damn fur on
damn fur no
fun mad nor
dam fun nor
fro mad nun
for mad nun
dam fro nun
dam for nun
fur mad non
dam fur non
dun farm on
dun farm no
do farm nun
fan mod run



Heyyy! At least I’m famous!

What do you call a piece of shit 12 inches long?
A foot stool.


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Of course, it would be remiss of me not to visit this place, after the lobbying involved … :slight_smile:

Thought I’d dive through the comedy archives for my first outing. Which turned up several cartoons that were doing the rounds when it was announced that Disney was effectively taking over the Star Wars movie franchise…This one I suspect will amuse many here upon being reminded of this … :slight_smile: