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Atheist Forums - A Place to Chat, Learn & Discuss Atheism & Religion

For many atheists around the world, online forums and discussion groups are one of the few ways to connect with others who share their views. Our worldwide atheist forum provides a lively place for debate, support and conversation. We encourage discussion about any and all topics as long as it abides by our forum guidelines. You can ask questions, request input, present a challenging topic for debate or share an idea. We hope you will join our existing and growing community of atheists. Our forum is also a great place to chat, make new friends and even share ideas with the Atheist Republic team.

Finding Like Minds Online With Atheist Forums

Many atheists turn toward the Internet to fulfill their need for interaction with other like minded people, and an atheist forum or website can help fill the void experienced by many who are god free.

The estimate of the world’s atheists is about 13%. This means that any given atheist may have a real challenge meeting others with the same beliefs and interests. Also, the social stigma, national laws, and possible threat to life or liberty surrounding atheism that exists in many areas of the world can often result in loneliness and isolation.

The Isolation of Atheism

Being the only atheist in your family or community might not matter to you, if not for the social stigma that often follows not believing in god. This is especially strong for individuals living in religious families or communities where all of their friends are religious. You may feel the need to hide your atheism out of fear of rejection or offending those you care about, which in turn can leave you feeling very isolated.

Being a closeted atheist isn’t just socially awkward; it can also leave you feeling unfulfilled intellectually. Many atheists enjoy a good conversation about science, philosophy or politics, and these discussions can be a challenge to have when no one around you holds the same interests and beliefs. Without intellectual stimulation, you can quickly find yourself growing bored and unhappy.

The Benefits Knowing Other Atheists

If you’ve never had the opportunity to join an atheist forum or otherwise communicate with fellow atheists around the world, you may not understand why connecting with other atheists can be so valuable. There are several benefits to talking to others who share your world view:

  • You can find a sense of friendship or camaraderie. Considering how isolated being atheist in a religious community can feel, knowing that you are not alone can reduce a sense of isolation. Finding people with a similar world-view can help atheists find real acceptance in an open community.
  • You can get practical tips and information from others. Being an atheist can be a challenge, especially if you were raised within a religious family. Navigating social issues as an adult can be difficult, and it helps to know others who have been asked the same questions or gone through the same trials. Fellow atheists can also point you toward authors and activists who can give you more information about the lifestyle.
  • Atheists do not subscribe to any single set of beliefs, which can make talking to other atheists interesting and informative. As many non-believers are by nature skeptical and interested in free inquiry, the exchange of ideas in a forum can be very appealing. A forum can foster lively debate and intellectually stimulating arguments