We don't need God to explain everything now

First things first. So what is the meaning of the word ‘God’?
According to dictionaries, it’s:
1.A superhuman being worshipped as having supernatural powers:
Now everyone knows that there is no such thing as a superhuman, and people who claim do have supernatural powers like telekinesis have never been able to do it while being observed in a lab. This idea is so stupid that it’s ridiculed by even theists at times.
2.Object of worship, idol: Idol worship is just too primitive. People worship the idols(which are made of atoms) and in some religions, don’t even wear footwear in front of them. But they do wear the footwear (which are also made up of the same fundamental particles) and wear them on their feet without any hesitation. So what’s so special in a stone idol?
3.the Supreme Being, creator and ruler of the universe: So didn’t the universe form by the Big Bang? And God being the ruler of the Universe would also be a completely ridiculous idea as the system of ruling has been devised by humans themselves(who have just appeared 200,000 years ago).

At first, people worshipped the Sun god and the Moon god and the god of almost everything. But when they started understanding the science behind the natural phenomenon, they gradually stopped believing in those gods.
So, people have been attributing all the phenomenon they don’t understand to a God, just to ensure that they know the reason behind everything i.e. God!

Another thing, if God did exist, why doesn’t he ensure that everyone is happy and all are equal? Doesn’t God want it?
But humans who still want to believe in God had to think of a reason to explain this. And now you have the concept of soul and previous births and Karma.
The logic of the theists isn’t incorrect. But what can we infer from these facts? Can we get to know something useful using all these so-called-facts?

Imagine a world without religion.
State-sanctioned wouldn’t have murder of Christians until Christianity became the official religion.
The Muslim conquests (ordered by Muhammad, carried on after his death) shortly after Islam’s foundation, led to numerous massacres of pagan [Arabs] and Iranian [Zoroastrians] for not converting to Islam wouldn’t have happened.
And so many other unnecessary massacres wouldn’t have happened.

If humans had devoted the time they spent in praying to the God in research and thought, who knows, we would have been a lot more advanced than we are today.
But we still have time to change ourselves. It’s tougher to change for those who have been following religion for long. But deep inside, they also know that they’ll have to give up this act of believing that there’s a God.

Hi! @Anhad29

It’s been said that religions were ancient man’s’ way of “explaining the weather”.

The idea of “spirit” has its roots in the simple act of breathing. Today, it’s a simple connection- back “then”, not so simple and mysterious…

This is where “god of the gaps” fallacy comes into play. Man’s’ history of inserting magical thinking into areas “unknown” OR perhaps even, “unknowable”.

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