Was it easy for you to left family given religion?

Was it easy for you to left the family given religion ?
Which you did not choose and forced to obey like Islam and Hindu religion.

Was it easy?

I was 30. I left a marriage also with the leaving of religion. Fully shunned.

I spent about a year alone…slowly built up a social and economic “world” of my own. I got to create it myself. I spent that time getting to know myself and what I thought. Actually had to think :thinking: for myself.

Ironically, I had a few doubts, but I was devoted to my religion at the time I left - I left because I came very close to death and the experience of not being me and fully realizing that this life, my life was not being lived. I really broke and it was with everything to me to leave it all.

I put myself in the equation, of what is, and reality and stopped living for empty future promises (fantasy).

My day-to-day after that decision was a process of re-educating and like I said, getting to know myself. I found out I did not have people who loved me, just people who loved what I represented or did for them.

Edited to add: I was Christian.


I am an exception to the rule… I had no fucking problem at all leaving my family. My mother was a child abusing asshole and my father a wife abusing drunk. My younger brother, also a drunk and in and out of prison his entire life. My younger sister, also in and out of prison. No one in the family had a High shool education until my father got his in the military.

Probably one of the lucky things in my life was growing up a military brat. Moviing from place to place, switching schools, not forming friendships, getting held back in frist grade. I was already socially isolated so isolating my family came as no big deal at all. I took a hard look at them one day and just decided I never wanted to be like any of them. I was going to stay in school no matter what. So after failing out of 3 High Schools, and finially finishing High School at Adult Night school. Then getting dumped by a Junior College before retuning and eeking out an AA degree so I could go to University. Then Failing and getting kicked out of the university, It finally hit me… “I should probably quit dicking around and start studying.”" So, I did.

I had to return to the Junior collage for a semester and improve my grades. I bought all my books and read them before classes. Many, I outlined. I went to class, took notes, and when I got home I typed my notes (even though I did not know how to type. I got a book on how to type and I taught myself how to type while typing my class notes.)

At the end of the semester, I got a nice little note from the Dean telling me I had made his special list.

Year end, letter in hand, back to the University I went. I never looked back and I never enjoyed education as much. I spent my weekends and summers reading and outlining my school texts. I knew what the teachers were going to talk about before they talked about it. I made an amazing discovery. Half the teachers were frauds. All they did was read a chapter before they came to class and then they taught it. On the other hand, some of the professors were real gems and loved the majors they were teaching. They were a wealth of enthusiastic information and a real pleasure to talk to.

Anyway… I am hijacking my own topic… I left… I found a new life… I have never looked back. You don’t get to choose your birth parents. You do get to choose who you call “family.”


My family has absolutely no idea, I’m waiting until I’m out of high school.

On that note, my high school has no idea.

During prayer, I just hold my tongue and go along with it. Ironically, I have the highest grade in my spirituality class.


SMART! And if the parents are paying for University, you may even want to hold your tongue a bit longer. Sometimes it is better to get along than it is to be right.

Generally, because Australia is secular country, it wasn’t too ad.

I continued as a catholic until I left home at 18. I spent the next 20 odd years searching, but found nothing.

My mother was fine, my father was difficult. He never forgave me or my siblings for leaving the church.

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